Philadelphia By Night

Campaign Timeline

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March 2009 to February 2010 History of the Black Doves

September 2010

9/2 Olivetti leaves Philadelphia for Europe

October 2010

10/11 Grant and Pink rescue Deno the Snake from the Brood
10/12 Black Doves accept a job transporting a Brood defector to Chicago
10/13 Solaina joins the Black Doves in Pittsburgh
10/14 Black Doves work for Prince Maxwell, Carthians, & the OD in Chicago
10/16 Black Doves see Dove in Chicago who leaves them with a warning
10/18 Coterie arrives back in Philly & an ‘old friend’ calls on Deep Throat
10/25 The Doves attack mage headquarters, Gattaca Research Facility
10/29 Rowana returns from Chicago with a startling amount of Brood intel
10/30 Coterie ambushes the Brood at the Camden Discovery Aquarium
10/31 Coterie attends the Party at the Swanky Kitten

December 2010

12/29 Doves rescue Bulgarian bodyguard, Marko, from zombie attack at nightclub
12/30 Black Doves confront Comrade Bones, ghoul loses fingers, mages kidnap Ramos

January 2011

01/18 Hektor breaks into the Carthian Armory; coterie thwarts deadly attack on Falcon Perch
01/19 The Doves track down Olivetti to an abandoned silo in Camden, NJ

March 2011

03/15 Luchesi holds Ides of March Elysium; Blake kidnapped by the Black Foxes; Doves kill Meir
03/16 The Black Doves awaken Mother Farka

The Black Doves of Philadelphia return!

Disclaimer- Contents of Adventure Logs are intended for mature audiences only and may contain some reference to mature themes although honestly, don’t get your hopes up.


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