Philadelphia By Night

Fetching the Russian's Trash

Session 47

An Offer from the Shadows

Deep Throat awoke from his slumber to find the Sabbat lord Sebastian Goulet waiting in the shadows of own haven. A quick thought lead him to text all the Doves for quick descent upon his home in hopes of obtaining Goulet, and not just as a guest. Yet, only some of the doves arrive in time to see him take one step out the door then slip into the air of the night. Once all the Doves have arrived Deep Throat shares with them that his unwanted visitor wished to inform him that the city of Philadelphia was in disarray without a strong leader. Goulet proposed himself as that leader and asked for the Black Doves support. This of course did not sit well with the Doves, they all saw in an instant the destruction that would descend upon the city should he lead as Prince and everyone but Sand agreed this would invariably be a very bad thing.

Sphinx in Suds

The Conversation was interrupted by a phone call from the Alexei Tokoff. The Baron informs Deep Throat that he must come to his club at that very moment to discuss an urgent matter that will be of high interest to the Doves. Despite the urgency in the call, the Doves continue to discuss the political situation of Philadelphia…only to be interrupted yet again by a call from Alexei stressing his need for them right now. Having successfully directed the flock of Doves with his urgency they arrive at his club with style, in a long black limousine. It seems the Dove Solaina has had enough of mini vans and hatchbacks.

After some discussion with the bouncer at the back door they are escorted up to a long conference room above the club. There they can see that Alexei is busy hosting a large party with many Russian acquaintances who are simply Russian smugglers celebrating a recent shipment. Alexei enters the conference room and informs the Doves that they have a great opportunity to aid the “Sphinx”, a man known to have very important information that would be of great value to him. Yet, Alexei is not the only one to desire the information held within the mind of the “Sphinx”, Oleg Chevniko, know too many as the “boogey man”, deeply desires this information as well. They Doves conference call with the “Sphinx” only find him lounging in a hot tub surrounded by three pairs of breasts and wearing a large mask of a sphinx over his face. The scene before them presents quite the opposite of an urgent situation, yet the Doves learn while he is at a ‘safe place’ for the moment in the Docks District, they need to come quickly and obtain him before Oleg does.

Upon the end of the conference call Solaina takes a few moments to firm up the deal with Alexei, assuring the Doves are not being under credited. Once the deal is set Sand directs him to the location, a favorite hunting ground of his. There they find a lone warehouse turned walled compound with a single guard standing outside. Nearby a sits a cop car with some bunny ears bouncing in the cops lap. Deciding that this must be the spot the driver parks the limo, the party steps out of the car and decides it would be wise to have someone remain behind. Rowana volunteers while Solaina, Tyler, Sand, Deep Throat Elijah go retrieve the “Sphinx”. Solaina and Tyler are able to gain entry after some sweet talk with the door man, while Isandro, Deep Throat and Elijah are denied. Sand asserts his will and compels the man to admit that the place needs a man exactly like him on the inside. Deep Throat cloaks himself and slips in with him, while Elijah decides it’s time for the man to take a nap.

As Solaina and Tyler quickly discover that the compound is a thinly disguised human trafficking facility set up as a club resort for disreputable people of financial influence. Dance floor, bar, playrooms, couches and hot tubs are all about the warehouse that is alive with people and other beings of the night. Solaina and Tyler head straight for the hot tubs and come to find that the “Sphinx” is still enjoying his time with various women. With some urging from Solaina the smuggler exits the tub flaunting his manhood as he strolls though the club to the back room for his clothing. Elijah finds nothing inside to interest him and returns to the entrance. Tyler seeing the Sphinx firmly under Solaina’s direction follows him out. In the dressing room the man stalls uncomfortably long. Either he is a bumbling fool or the delay is intentional. Solaina decides to empress the urgency of the matter and informs him “when the Doves say fly, you fly!”, upon which she grabs him by the scuff of his collar and begins to show him what it is to fly with the Doves. She shoves him out the back door that a cloaked Sand hold ajar and they spill out into an alley.

Meanwhile a bored Rowana paces by the limousine. Alert for trouble, she finds only an officer of the law helping the poor bunny eared working girl pay her rent. Disgusted by his moans she paces and grumbles insults at him. Suddenly she hears noise in the distance, screams that give the thought of a good hunt to the blood. A prickling sensation alerts her to something coming up behind her and she notices another waiting limo parked not far behind the coteries. A man matching the description of Oleg Chevniko steps out of the car and takes a deep breath of evening air before stalking over towards Rowana. He carries a large axe in his hands. Elijah distracts Oleg while Rowana slips past and around the building towards the back alley. The screaming grows louder and seems to be coming from below the streets.

Out front Tyler steps out to find the guard asleep and screams rising out of the sewer drain just a few feet away. After a futile attempt to wake the guard Tyler notices that not only screams are rising from the sewer, but also hands, hands of the dead. With all the force he has he jumps upon the grate to keep the rest of whatever the hands might be connected to below the grate. Despite his efforts the grate rips open spilling Tyler to the concrete. Thinking quickly Elijah pulls a pin and tosses a grenade to the sewer but his aim is off and it explodes nearby cratering the already chipped stone of the compound wall. The sleeping doorman awakes just long enough to see a horde of dead fall on him and begin feasting. Tyler and Elijah gun many of the undead down but a few scurry through the compound’s open doors where they elicit screams and automatic gunfire.

In the back alley Rowana finds the others fighting a similar battle. A sewer grate slides open just outside the club’s back door pitting Sand, Deep Throat, Solaina and the Sphinx face to face with a clutch of grasping zombies. Rowana and Sand cover the undead with explosions of fire. While a few burn up this mostly has the effect of adding a terrifying coating of flame to the zombies. Solaina jumps back from the explosions narrowly avoiding the licking flames and with a burst of supernatural speed sprints her squirming charge out of danger. Deep Throat, up to date on the latest zombie killing media, puts one of the shamblers down with a bullet to the head before following Solaina and the smuggler cloaking the three of them in shadows. The last zombie out back turns away from the vampires escaping into the crowded club dripping burning bits of flesh and rotted cloth. Rowana hesitates but decides against chasing it down. She leads Sand back towards the waiting limo where they scuffle with a few more zombies trying to make the limo driver into a meal. Oleg’s limousine has driven off.

With most of the zombies returned to their proper state of deadness Sand finds a cell phone on the ground and answers it’s ring. It’s Oleg and he wants to buy the Sphinx for 200 grand. Sand gives him a glib reply and hangs up before passing the phone to Deep Throat. Tyler saves the life of the zombie ravaged prostitute bunny feeding her his blood. The cop isn’t so lucky. The Black Doves regrouped, Solaina shakes her driver back to focus and with a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel he drives the coterie, smuggler and Bunny away.


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