Philadelphia By Night

Peace Broken

Session 55

Dr. Wichter Hechinger had been watching Tyler’s rise in the Ordo Dracul carefully for quite some time. He did not like what he saw – a pretender scholar, a failed experiment, a dupe turned golden child of Kahlil. No less than four Ordo Dracul were now associated with the naive and interested Black Doves, and they were pulling the Ordo Dracul into decidedly activist endeavors. They’d survived the fall of Gerald, the death of William Blake, the near-dissolution of the Carthian movement in Philadelphia, but still thrived. But all things could be broken. Dr. Hechinger made it his life’s work to study such things – the slow collapse of the mind, the will shattered, the crack in a seamless sculpture that signals its resounding break. He had been studying all the Doves but from his privileged position he analyzed the Ordo Dracul Doves especially. Solaina had been usefully distracted in the past half year. Elijah was unfortunately resting safely within Ordo Dracul chapterhouses by Ignatio’s plans. But he was no doubt weakened. Isandro had not been seen in almost a year now – another casualty to the broken city. Tyler remained. And Tyler had begun interesting new pursuits – seemingly confident in his safety. Dr. Hechinger assured Naqad that his latest experiment would yield insightful information on the Black Doves, information which they could use as a crack with which to pry the Black Doves open like a ripe rib cage.


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