Philadelphia By Night

Timeline of the First Chronicle

Events in Philadelphia from March 2009 to February 2010

March 2009

3/7 A coterie is born
3/8 The Wilson children are found, lost and aided in escape
3/9 The coterie battles a monstrous sea kindred
3/23 The coterie explores Byberry Asylum
3/30 The coterie meets peacefully with the Brood
3/31 The coterie rescues a faerie and releases a monster

April 2009

4/26 Grant Ellison returns to Philadelphia
4/30 Sponsored by Prince Gerald, Olivetti joins Invictus

May 2009

5/2 Isandro joins the Ordo Dracul

June 2009

6/23 The coterie prevents a Masquerade breach at a local cineplex
6/27 The coterie tangle with lupines and bind the Nixi into new homes freeing the possessed

July 2009

7/19 A ban on Gangrel entering the city is proposed at the monthly Elysium gathering
7/30 The coterie delivers a message to the fae queen of the Winter Court
7/31 The coterie visits the bizarre Goblin Market and destroys a fetch

September 2009

9/25 The coterie invades a medical chop shop and retrieve the remains of a young lupine
9/27 The coterie avoids a massacre and makes off with the prize and Prince Gerald intervenes

October 2009

10/12 Deep Throat’s investigations turn up Brood at the Oracle
10/14 The coterie attends an exclusive party and leaves with some of the furnishings
10/29 A masquerade breach is cleaned and Meir is implicated
10/30 Hunters stalk the coterie’s havens

November 2009

11/2 The coterie kills the imposter HM Regina
11/13 Sand murders the Harrington monster
11/15 The monthly Elysium at Falcons Perch is interrupted by news of the fall of Atlantic City
11/18 The Black Doves enter Atlantic City blazing
11/19 The Black Doves assassinate Mr. Blackwell and free his insectoid ‘assistant’
11/19 The coterie throws grenades into a Sabbat gathering and rescues an imposter Prince

December 2009

12/05 Olivetti goes missing. He fails to answer his phone.
12/27 Grant disappears from the city. His number has been disconnected.

January 2010

01/12 Sand attends the Twelfth Night
01/18 Rowana participates in the Great Hunt on the fomori of Phildelphia with her werewolf pack

February 2010

02/03 Bergstrom visits Rowana with an offer but she refuses
02/04 Tyler hears Acheti’s prophetic murmurings, Deep Throat is warned by Blake, Sand is freed
02/05 Olivetti surfaces with no memory of the last two months
02/06 Black Doves kill three kindred of the Twilight of the Gods and capture a fourth. Sand diablerizes Keyon Appel. Grant is captured by hunters and then rescued by the coterie.
02/07 The coterie battles My Nightmare and loses Annabelle to it
02/08 The coterie destroys My Nightmare but too late to save Annabelle
02/10 Prince Gerald is secretly assassinated by My Beloved. Philadelphia’s kindred gather for a trial. The Seneschal Marcus Revelle is sentenced to death and executed. Prince Gerald is deposed but spared, sentenced to exile.
02/13 An alliance of werewolves and the Black Doves interrupt a dark summoning killing nearly all of the Twilight of the Gods and sealing the Byberry breach.

This brought the first Philadelphia by Night campaign to an end


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