Commissioner Marquise Matriarch Diane Welles


Commissioner Marquise Matriarch Diane Welles is a middle aged woman with a faintly corpse-like appearance. She smells of rotting bodies, an unsettling contrast with her cultured, refined manner. In matters of etiquette she has exquisite taste and knowledge, and enjoys conversation on art and history of the mortal world. Generally, she pulls discussion away from the convoluted nature of kindred politics, despite the fact that it’s obvious she knows quite a lot about the workings of the city.


The Commissioner is an active member of the Invictus covenant and travels in several factions within the covenant. She lives North of downtown in a stately manor surrounded by a large stone wall and modern security. She’s attended by a tall butler with hollowed eye sockets.

She arrived in the city around the same time Prince Gerald did, and knows most kindred of notability in the city. Subtly, to those she thinks capable, she remarks about the Prince’s inconsistencies or insufficient command of the city.

Commissioner Marquise Matriarch Diane Welles

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