A middle-eastern man, perhaps Iraqi, with a bald head and black pupils. He generally wears a long black overcoat dark clothes, when not wearing more ceremonial attire. Kahlil takes his time in conversation and moves with a patience that hints at his age- a patience born of living many, many years.


As Prefect for the Ordo Dracul, and ex-Parliamentarian of the Mysteries, he has earned his position as Kogaion. He knows the ley lines of Philadelphia like taxi drivers know the streets. He knows all of the nodes the Ordo Dracul may have interest in or holds.

He isn’t often seen and no one knows his current residence, but if he needs to be contacted, word can be left at the main Ordo Dracul nodes. Generally he receives this contact within a couple days.

He spends his nights working for Ordo Dracul agendas, speaking with powerful people in the city, observing, making quiet deals.

From his more visible days, some within the Ordo Dracul do remember that his specialties lie in alternative philosophy (humanity, brood organization and philosophy, cults, true magick, spirit lore, and religion).


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