Mother Farka


The quintessential crone, she looks and speaks inhumanly- a Baba Yaga. Her fingers are disturbingly long, and her nails longer. Her pupils and irises are both black as oil, and her lashes long – accentuating her eyes. Her cheeks are hollowed and hair wiry, and the limbs which extend from her body look much like the long arms of a spider, rather than a woman’s. At home she may walk naked or in a hermit’s robes. When out and about, she might choose a simple and long brown dress.


Her knowledge of both the mother and Cruac and unsurpassed in the city. No one knows how long she has been here or who sired her. She controls the many conflicting religious desires of the Circle of the Crone with Machiavellian skill, making the small covenant effective despite its distance from the central part of the city. She requires all crone acolytes to provide some measure of support in rituals for the Mother, even if they would otherwise practice a faith that has no obvious connection to the Mother. She permits a flexible view on this, allowing Crone practitioners to see the Mother as an abstract idea not necessarily a physical god in feminine form, but the belief in the female symbol is nonetheless there and necessary for the Circle of the Crone unification. This sometimes causes confusion in new acolytes or fringe groups like Keyon’s who see a measure of paradox in the belief in Mother and Vodoun, but Mother Farka and her followers easily point them to precedent such as the importance of the priestess in Vodoun and the feminine power in the spirit world.

No other figure could bring together so many different groups and still keep the Circle unified. Many of the lone covens or coteries would fracture from the group if Mother Farka ever were to leave or suffer final death.

Mother Farka

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