With his attention to detail and scholarship Ambroise initially resembles a Venture rather that Daeva. He has a Parisian accent.
He is very old and his blood makes him feel like a hungry coyote despite his polite and sophisticated manner.

Character Traits: cultured, crafty, vicious temper when angered, begrudging, plotting, patient


Ever since Gerald disappeared, eternal life has been good to Ambroise. The Circle of the Crone has all but disappeared. The vermin have been reduced to mercenaries and individual practitioners. Their Crone has disappeared too – no doubt, either she ran in fear or she suffered the final death at the hands of some hunter who found her decrepit and senile body. The Lance Sanctum still exists as a thorn under the two new banners of “The Bastion” and “The Reformed Church of the Lance.” That represents a temporary challenge though. Divide and conquer. He’s done one of those two things. Ambroise stands poised to take the position of Prince and be the Hand of Invictus in Philadelphia -and he knows it. The Carthians have split, and though they have gained a measure of strength in that split by pulling Blake to them, it doesn’t matter in the long run.

Meanwhile, Ambroise amasses great wealth, great strength, and more admirers than ever. And yes, he certainly doesn’t mind the admirers. When Dr. Wichter Hechinger approached him and wanted to pursue studies within his territory Ambroise knew that his risks had truly paid off. He took the most visible role beside Marcus Revelle in the trial, he took a crucial role in setting up the fall of the coterie, it was he who massaged the Invictus before the trial – and now he held the strongest territory. It was only just.

But he will not forgive the Black Doves their role in the trial. Somehow Olivetti met almost every point of Marcus Revelle and his own with poise bordering on glamour. Somehow they came to the trial with a following – a rabble following, but following no less – that competed with his own. It was really that group of neonates that stopped him from truly claiming the crown.

Now, in the chaos of the months following Gerald’s disappearance and Marcus’s death he plots the complete his empire. There will be no story book endings here. No revolutions of the working class. No true love prevailing. If the hundreds of years of vampiric life have taught him anything it is that Machievelli was right. It is better to be feared than loved.

Before Gerald’s Fall:
Ambroise was embraced in Paris, France apparently a long time ago.
As a member of Invictus he has expressed annoyed tolerance for the Lancea Sanctum, respect for the usefulness of the Ordo Dracul and disdain for the Circle of the Crone.


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