Chairman Swans


Just prior to Gerald’s disappearance, Rowana’s garou allies learned of his involvement in Pentex and targeted him for destruction. Unbeknownst to the Black Doves Rowana was instrumental in sinking a Pentex shipment of his which held oil for the creature which covertly swam the Susquehanna River nearby. She did so without explosives, and so the thousands of gallons of oil didn’t spill. With the added use of her Animalism discipline, the oil came to rest safely on the bottom of the river until Garou allies could safely recover it. During this attack Rowana uncovered information linking Chairman Swans to Pentex and dutifully delivered it to the Garou.

Later, during the lead-up to the the Black Doves’ trial, the garou busied themselves by storming Chairman Swans’ estate and destroying him. Garou justice is swift. And who knows what else they found in the estate before they burned it to the ground as a warning to kindred.

Prior to the Final Death:

Portly with a permanent Irish scowl. He is distrusting but business-like. He dresses the part, with plain suits, solid colored ties, and polished dress shoes.


He holds a board position in at least 2 major industrial companies situated in Philadelphia. He has tremendous financial pull and almost equal political and industrial influence. He doesn’t do very well in the Invictus discussions pertaining to art, nor does he have experience in years that some kindred have, but his place in the covenant is sure because of his other strengths in the mortal community.

It’s not common knowledge exactly who embraced him, but whoever it was likely wanted Paul Swans because of his formidable place in mortal affairs.

Chairman Swans

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