Annabelle Isalene


Beautiful with the build of a dancer and the charm to match Annabelle is graceful both in movement and conversation. She is eager to share her opinions, whether about local covenant business or kindred courtesies. Although she shares many of the charms of her sire, Sophe, she wears them with a notably younger, more wild, poise. She refuses to be controlled and doesn’t think twice about returning rudeness with acidity or physical violence.


Owns a club called ‘The Bank’. Some kindred in Carthian circles or associates of hers know the club often receives other supernatural visitors. In this way, she holds a loose but wide-reaching influence.
She is Sophie’s Progeny and seems to emulate her including choice of covenant.
Annabelle is an active and enthusiastic member of the Carthians and labels herself in ‘the new’ Carthian faction which embraces free-thinking and openness to embrace new ideas.
Annabelle had a casual friendship and budding romance with Sand. The two had a heated and sometimes rocky relationship. When Annabelle needed him most however Sand was unable to save her and he carries this with him nightly.

Annabelle was drained and destroyed by the two thousand year old Invictis known as My Nightmare deep in a crypt within the Necropolis.

Annabelle Isalene

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