H. M. Delphine Regina


Beautiful and austere, she prefers to dress in leathers. Often, she has one or more servants in her company adoring her from her side. They may or may not be dressed, sometimes covered in leather S & M gear, sometimes in soft silks or cottons. She surrounds herself alternately in luxury and in barebones chambers. She is truly queen of her little domain. Where that is, is a bit of a mystery.


There are whispers of a special escort service which only the truly rich or well-connected can visit, or the specially invited. Patronage travels by word of mouth. There are no advertisements. But rumor has it, Delphine’s escort service will change your life. A trip to her house and you’ll never want to leave.

For the Ordo Dracul she often contributes research on alchemical procedures of various sorts. Her extensive scholarship has earned her relative freedom from scrutiny and prestige. She has also climbed the ranks in the past decade by quickly acquiring intermediate knowledge of several Coils. She attends meetings more often than not, but sometimes leaves early or arrives late or is seen little during the evening.

H. M. Delphine Regina

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