Father Ogesci


Father Ogesci has the appearance of an old man with shriveled skin and small frame. His eyes are milky white orbs devoid of visible pupils. This has the effect of suggesting a blindness although he can see perfectly well and also makes it very difficult to tell where exactly the Father is looking at any moment.


Father Ogesci often finds himself in the role of the softer, gentler priest of the Lancea Sanctum. He tends to minister more to the gentler kindred within the covenant. He is quite old but has few political responsibilities or opinions.

He relies mainly on the Russian Orthodox community for his herd and mortal contacts. He keeps a secondary haven in the basement of the steeple separate from the main structure of the one of these churches. Several priests know him as a resident monk from the old world and occasionally seek him out for religious advice. When he greets them, he does so under the guise of Familiar Stranger, and they know him as a old, stooped, bearded monk.

Father Ogesci

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