Naturally graceful, with delicately chiseled features, Cordoan matches his sire’s feminine beauty in a slightly more masculine way. His long back hair is silky, his complexion without blemish, with a slight ivory sheen. Cordoan has a penchant for looking down thoughtfully, or while discovering other beauty, gazing at it softly. He can looking at piece of art work for hours, and with equal patience, he might gaze at a woman’s figure or the softly twinkling lights of the city. Generally, Cordoan chooses to dress in understated clothes which compliment his broad shoulders but light athletic build.


His existence since Gerald’s disappearance is much the same as it was before. He spends his time making art, studying and discussing with Master Fa Jinhai, and now occasionally discusses politics or philosophy with Grant.

Before Gerald’s Fall:

He is an artist of some skill, preferring paints, but mostly he appreciates coming to know more about art, not necessarily becoming the best artist. More recently he has retreated from the world of politics and society. In his first years of undeath he gained some renown for bold action, bold statement, and impeccable form in social occasion. Through that fame he came to occupy the position of harpy. Slowly, that position is fading as he spends less and less time amongst kindred.

Recently, to lend some spiritual peace to his troubled world he spends more time with Fa Jin discussed Golconda.


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