Dressed sharply in urban modern clothing Castillo is a Hispanic man who looks to be in his late twenties. His sharp eyes take in details quickly. He often types notes or references information on his Blackberry while talking but does so smoothly enough that it manages to enhance the conversation instead of interrupt it. He comes across as busy without seeming rushed.

artwork: (Vampire the Requiem: Carthian Covenant Book 69)


Castillo is one of few kindred who decided that Philadelphia was getting just a little too crazy. Grant seemed well positioned to take his spot as sheriff, and he already had a connection with Sophe. The neonate seemed capable enough physically, especially the stories about Grant’s work with Brood in Atlantic City and the Methuselah, My Nightmare. Before Castillo left he spent a lot of time making last minute deals, talking with Viktor and Sophe and Hank, and making arrangements to move to either Chicago or DC. He split his Philadelphia contacts between these three and Grant, though he likely kept a few secret. Always the slick businessman, he received boons in return which will help him start a new life in a new city and return if the Carthian movement needs him here…and it’s a little more organized and sane.

Before Gerald’s Fall:

Sheriff to the Carthians.


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