Keyon Appel


He generally travels in a wheelchair, pushed along by his progeny, Marquise. He does have the capability of walking but since birth his legs have been limited to standing-only use. Haitian in descent and of a light frame. He bears the markings of Vodoun proudly, and is known as Papa Keyon amongst his mortal followers.


He holds the position of the “Fool Hermit” in the Circle of the Crone, giving him some measure of ability to speak out despite his outsider perspective on the Mother-faith Mother Farka expects of the Circle of the Crone practitioners.

He’s the Eye of Death for the Second Descent faction in Philadelphia. Small as it is, it occasionally has dealings with visiting Vodoun kindred from New Orleans or further south. In this way, Keyon’s position in the city is fairly stable, despite the deviation from common practice. In addition, the fairly large population of Dominican immigrants or practice Vodoun in Philadelphia further solidifies his usefulness.

Keyon Appel

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