Izuki Koin


Sophisticated and dressed in contemporary business outfits, Izuki gives the first impression of a modern financial leader. She speaks articulately and precisely, and listens attentively, but she’s not one to be an ear for melodrama. Izuki has too many appointments to entertain trivial complaints or musings.


Within the past three years she arrived from New York City, where she briefly stayed. Before that she lived in Japan. No one is sure exactly why she’s undertaken such a drastic change in location, but some suppose it might involve her shipping business which she now runs from Philadelphia. She seems decently up-to-date on American business practice and custom. As for her place in Invictus or Ventrue circles- she’s advanced extremely quickly, especially considering her age, which doesn’t appear to be extraordinary.

In the aftermath of last year’s attacks on the cult of the Twilight Gods Koin receded away from the limelight. Before she did, it became known that she was the youngest surviving member of the Inner Circle, the secret circle of Invictus directing incredible influence on city affairs and secretly opposing Prince Gerald. She remained a powerful figure for the cult, though, and smuggled an alien leviathan creature into the Deleware River through Koin enterprises. It fed off the nearby polluted waters, and it was part of Koin’s plan to create a terrible oil spill to further feed the creature while damaging nearby environment. Luckily Rowana found out the plan. Her werewolf allies killed Chairman Swans who stood to gain from the transactions, while Rowana infiltrated the tanker with the creature and succeeded in releasing the oil drums in such a way that they did not break on the rocky river bed. With the help of all nearby wildlife she succeeded in gently placing the drums underwater and her werewolf allies made sure to obtain the oil unspilled.

After this series of failures Koin could see which way the wind blew and she took her flagship away from Philadelphia waters- before the Black Doves decided to attack and kill her.

Now she has returned and situated herself as one of the three Barons of the Triad. A latecomer to the new Philadelphia scene, she has succeeded – as before – in obtaining a position of power. She controls or influences much of the trade that comes into the city through water and railway.

Izuki Koin

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