Catherine Briggs


Catherine wears her dark blond hair in a long simple braid down her back. She might be pretty but comes across mousy. She presents kind natured but mostly quiet. Her dress tends more towards comfortable loose fitting wool than the traditonal stark blacks, whites and reds popular with the covenant.

Has picked up the nickname “Lizzie” after the incident at the Riverview Theater.


Katherine and Joshua both disappeared in the follow-up to the trial and the Brood attacks. No one knows if they ran like two Shakespearean lovers or died horribly in one of the many fires. What became of them is one of the many unanswered questions that came with Gerald’s disappearance.

Before the Fall of Gerald:
Deeply in love with Joshua Starks and spends most nights with him. Embraced by Katherine Drexel only a little over a year ago.

Catherine Briggs

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