Byron Harrington

Unholy Knight of the Outer Darkness


As the picture, but slightly more overweight and tentacles as fingers. Misshapen muscles and bones on some places.


Almost nothing of Byron Harrington’s past prior to his imprisonment is known by the coterie. He practiced dark magics from forbidden tomes and as Sand discovered, he was over a century old.

Found in a dungeon cell beneath Lord Avery Harrington’s estate Byron was set free by Sand who pitied the beast. Later, Sand tracked him down and befriended him offering to remake his image into something more mundane to facilitate Byron’s return to power and revenge on Lord Avery, whom Sand believed was the thing’s father. Sand learned that Byron was a deeply kept Harrington secret almost two centuries old. Byron was a knight of great power serving “Things Man Was Not Meant to Know”, the very “Things” that shadowed Sand and whispered seductive promises to him. Realizing Byron was an inhuman horror through and through Sand tricked him and exploded two grenades into his body during his reconstructive surgery. Sand’s shadow worm screamed in protest and outrage as the unholy crusader was blown and burned to bits.

Picture titled Monster Bruce by avario taken from here

Byron Harrington

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