Edee Graden


Horrifically ugly in the traditional Nosferatu way. One side of her face looks like it was mangled with a cheese grater and that side’s eye is a milky white.

Pic taken from screenshot of Vampire: Bloodlines


Information expert. Surrounds herself with computer monitoring equipment.

Contacted Deep Throat and arranged a meeting with the coterie and clued them into the Hunter Adriano. Was initially annoyed with Sand’s interest in her equipment but warmed up to him.

Apparently important kindred turn to her to set up remote surveillance in sensitive situations, and she’s alluded to the fact that she has a more extensive network of surveillance. She’s the one who first observed Dr. Henry Adriano snooping around the Wilsons’ and Bergstrom’s, and she gave the coterie advance notice of his whereabouts.

Edee Graden

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