Daniel Gagnier


Attractive man, dressed in cutting-edge fashion suits with a bold touch (an antique set of cufflinks, a remarkable silver pin, a subtle artistic hem to his jacket, whatever fits the occasion). He enjoys art of any kind, philosophical conversation, and philanthropic pursuits.


Given his interest, he’s head of the Society of Cherubim of the Invictus. Although many support his faction indirectly, none are tied to its explicitly, leaving him to work across lines with the likes of Sophe Peregrin. It costs him social standing, but he pulls in enough money and sway from the Carthians that it’s more of a benefit to keep him in Invictus than a disadvantage.

He does contend with difficult Invictus persona who seek to pressure him to use his influence more aggressively and steal back the arts for Invictus. Single-handedly he’s held respond for the loss of ground Invictus has suffered in the arts. He doesn’t let it get to him too often though, since he enjoys his work immensely.

In addition, he has many personal interests in mortals. He often pursues the beautiful men and women of high society in romantic engagement and finds himself fascinated with the uniqueness of modern-day society. He owns a large number of high-end galleries near Temple University, Drexel, and the University of Pennsylvania, though Sophe has just as much ownership in those areas.

Daniel Gagnier

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