Artwork: Swamprose_ TT3 by Lukavi


No one knows whether Greenteeth fashioned herself after Irish folk tales of a river fae spirit who dragged victims into the water to feast on them or if she is one in a long line of kindred who have some sort of bloodline characteristic which makes them this way, or perhaps this is simply coincidence. In either case, she’s earned the name “Greenteeth,” and it’s stuck with her for as long as most kindred in the city can remember. She’s been in the city for quite some time and survived lupine hunts, mortal hunters, kindred inquirers, journalists seeking clues about mysterious deaths, and police investigations. She always eludes her hunters. The fact that she’s made a haven out of Green Lane serves to further anchor her adopted name in kindred memories.

She rarely feels the need to venture far from her haven. Like her sister in the coven, the Whispering Strangler, she listens to almost no one except for Mother Farka.


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