Dr. Wichter Hechinger


Artwork: “Pale Count TT4” by Lukavi

A pale-faced, waxy looking vampire with deep-set eyes and a mouth curved sharply downward. He dressed in a long cape, but otherwise wears inconspicuous attire: khaki pants, glasses occasionally, button up shirt rolled up.

Character Traits: Conceited, Analytical, Inhumanly Cold, Committed to the Psychology and Physiology as a way to Enlightenment


After Gerald’s disappearance he took advantage of the chaos to obtain a new and safe haven suitable for his studies in a territory which would not be hamstringed by some sort of human conscience. Now his studies of the mind can fully blossom, and who knows, perhaps he’ll unlock crucial pieces of information which might lead to truly enlightening realizations about the Self.

He specializes in studies of the mind. Dr. Wichter finds the fragility of the mind a fascinating thing and has several resources at his disposal for studying the mind, not the least of which is his Nightmare ability. While fear for the sake of confidence or control is somewhat crude, fear for the sake of studying the mind is the very essence of The Great Work. To understand fear is to understand bravery, and to understand bravery, means that we understand ourselves.

Dr. Wichter Hechinger

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