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Sand’s skin wraps tightly around his muscles and bones giving him a bizarre, but not altogether inhuman look. In places where his bones are near the surface, like the spine, ribs, skull, hands and feet, this looks very much like anorexia or starvation. However his muscles have not atrophied and so the effect of the skin binding on his arms and legs is incongruous and somewhat exaggerating. To the average observer Sand appears much like an obsessively exercising weight loss fanatic. A medical professional or exercise expert however would likely recognize that something else is wrong with him. His splotchy yellow gray skin ripples and jumps animating his expressions and making it difficult to hide his emotions. The night of Gerald’s trial Sand resurfaced from seclusion wearing a mask of muddy scarlet canvas sewn in sinew to his face. When encountering other kindred Sand’s predator marks his elder heritage. Vampiric instinct always reads him as being at least an equal despite the other’s age.

Most nights Sand dresses in jeans and a heavy black dockworker’s coat. While he appears unarmed due to his obfuscation abilities Sand carries a shotgun, heavy revolver, combat knife, and dragon knuckles. He also carries a disposable cell phone and a few hundred dollars.


Isandro most often goes by Sand to his close acquaintances. His birth name was Lucio and he was shocked and disturbed that the kindred of Philadelphia knew him by that name upon his awakening in this strange city. Versed in the occult Isandro has a vague fear of others knowing his true name or history.

Awoken from torpor less than a year ago Sand has committed a great deal of effort to acclimate to modern times. His speech is still a bit archaic and small random bits of modern culture still surprise and sometimes annoy him. On the whole he believes he understands the mindset of this culture and time much more than he actually does and this occasionally proves dangerous. Although Sand considers himself a cautious, methodical planner this is not usually the case. His self-awareness is impaired by his pride.

Sand is an active and founding member of the Black Doves coterie. Indeed the group of kindred came together to awaken him from torpor and he suspects to monitor his mental state. The coterie is nominally led by the mekhet Deep Throat and is filled out by three gangrel, Rowana, Tyler, Grant, and a ventrue Invictis Olivetti. Each individual member of the coterie has conflicts and alliances both within and outside their chosen Covenants. Instead of tearing the Doves apart the intensity of these tensions served to force them together fending off constant, deadly enemies, although very often begrudgingly. Since the fateful evening of Gerald’s trial the coterie has had little reason to cooperate and what little trust had existed has decayed. Sand does admit regret of the loss but cannot shake the nagging fear that these divisions may be the subtle manipulations of one of the coterie’s many enemies.

Outside of his coterie Sand’s unlife has intertwined with a handful of other kindred in Philadelphia. The most significant has been his mentor the fatherly scholar Paul Luis-Reyes. Paul was instrumental in Sand’s early nights within the Ordo Dracul and remained supportive of him while he struggled for his soul with the Deveraux Codex. The dark shadow to Paul is Alfred Benezri, a Middle Eastern nihilist suspected of being Brood. Several illicit conversations with this anti-mystic led to an invitation to witness a dark pack ritual beneath the streets of Philadelphia. Other kindred significant to Sand are Prester Philip Liakos, the insufferable Edee Graden, Sophe Peregrin, and Luchesi. In the months prior to Gerald’s fall Sand did some work for Ignatio, the traitorous Marcus Revelle, and the terrible The Beloved. He had an ongoing collaboration with Madame Avery before her destruction in the recent Brood invasion. Tyler’s mentor the Kogaion Kahlil and to a lesser degree Latokrates have demonstrated a bristling distrust of Sand. Doubtless it is well placed.

Sand’s pursuit of the Carthian beauty Annabelle Isalene was more complicated resurfacing emotions he had believed left buried in a century of torpor dreams. The two nurtured a dark dance of desire and conflict that ended in Annabelle’s destruction by the ancient known as My Nightmare. While Sand was too late to save her he avenged her death by burning her wretched killer into ash. The mask Sand wears is guilt crafted from a discarded painting of Annabelles (see Comfort in Dark Places).

Sand spends most daylight hours in the hidden communal nosferatu beneath the city. It’s existence while not common knowledge has become less secret and less secure in recent nights. The sunless chambers of this Necropolis are far enough hidden from the sun that Sand is able to resist the need for the little death of daysleep. In these hours with a foggy mind Sand sifts the infinity of the internet feeding his hunger for knowledge. Lately he has discovered the music of Pink Floyd and won’t shut up about it.

Isandro Mortal Years

Bloodline: Strigoi

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“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man” – Samuel Johnson


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