Prisoner of the Doves, captured (okay, bushwhacked) as he fled the BBQ at the Aquarium (Props to Solaina).

He’s been the head bartender at Six Dogs for a long time, and as such he’s been active in Camden for approximately two years- the entire time the Black Doves have been active. He was there when Grant first walked in to the Camden bar, and called a few ghouls to rough him up a little. He was there when Grant came back with Rowana and they were ambushed by more ghouls, more heavily armed. He was there when Grant waltzed in to meet Helena, and fled with Deno the Snake. He survived the winter of 2009 by laying low, but in the winter of 2010 he was finally captured at the Swanky Kitten, as per events mentioned above.

During early interrogation he reveals that he was Morgan’s right-hand man since her last pack fell under the Lynx’s gangrel pack’s attacks. Morgan barely escaped a year ago, more through a lucky oversight than skill. But in that past year Morgan has gained terrible power with the help of The Rider in the Dreams, a succubi. While Morgan had always harbored some interest in the dark arts, she was always a Sabbat soldier, through and through. When she lost her pack, and everything that made her, she decided to remake herself into a tool for vengeance.

Marshall knew the Rider in the Dreams was a demon, but he never minded working for Brood. He was already a damned vampire after all, and even in life he was used to being ‘the bad guy.’ But when he learned of Morgan’s new plans for her pack The Eternal, he quickly got on board as a chance for real meaning.

He doesn’t believe Morgan is dead. He still feels her, though she’s been weakened. He doesn’t know how she would survive, but he knows that Morgan had plans for the possibility of the Rider in the Dreams taking her body for possession, as unlikely as that seemed to them. The Rider in the Dreams grants hungers of all different sorts, and it promised Morgan that it would satisfy her hunger for revenge. And Morgan wanted to see the Black Doves kneel before she died. And beyond that, Morgan wanted to finally become the sorceress she had always wanted to be.

The Rider in the Dreams Now:
He also says, just as Tove has said, that the Rider in the Dreams speaks to him in his torpor dreams. It is closer now, but it was not able to cross the barrier. Many people dream of her now, having had a taste of her pleasures on Halloween night. Wyldchylde, the vampire band led by Wes and Po, playing continues to play music which awakes carnal desires in people, spreading the same message for the Rider in the Dreams. His story coincides with Tove’s on the success of the ritual: he says the plan was to have Wyldchylde loosen people’s wills, The Eternal would pick off mortals one by one, first drawing them to give into dark fantasies. As each one died it was a sacrifice for the Rider in the Dreams. As each person broke their other contracts in life, the Rider would also gain power: infidelity, betrayal of personal religion, giving into sadism, to masochism, etc. Morgan would use Animalism to have birds watch for intruders and check on them every half hour to an hour. Sunny would watch for infiltrators from Obfuscate. Rex and Ruby, to nomadic Brood on bikes, would help the Eternal sacrifice mortals. Finally, the Eternal were each responsible for one particularly innocent sacrifice to be saved for the final ritual. One of the ghouls, obtained by Morgan, was Lindra’s personal ghoul. Someone in the Five Covenants had revealed where to find this ghoul, but Marshall doesn’t know who.

All the while the Sabbat would be distracting the Doves by doing their own brand of mayhem, but each pack had its own reasons. Speaking to Marshall reveals just how each pack truly does think differently in the Sabbat and the Brood. While they collaborate, their motives are significantly different. The Sabbat are perhaps more unified, but they are seen as weak and fearful. “They do not allow themselves to give into their true natures, and through that find true service to the dark gods of freedom.”

Currently in torpor.



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