Hank Masons


Hank has a long, cruel face with small broken teeth. His skin is pale with liver spots. He looks like a TV police detective dressed in slacks, loose tie, and dingy button up with perpetual sweat stains under the armpits. He is quiet and looks annoyed although it’s difficult to tell if that is just the bunched features of this face causing him to look that way.


After Gerald’s disappearance things were getting crazy. There were rumors that some elder horror stalked the Necropolis beneath the city, kindred were disappearing left and right, and the Carthians’ disorganization wasn’t helping any. Sure a few of them held together admirably well, but everyone quickly forgot about the ugly Nosferatu of course. Almost everyone. Ambroise came to him with quite the offer. He told Hank about Lindra’s new negotiations with William Blake, how they were planning a sort of Invictus/ Carthian hybrid, which really meant more Invictus and Lindra selling out. Sophe’s remaining group would be fragmented and weak. But Ambroise would have a place for someone like Hank. Hank was assiduous in his record keeping, useful for his legal knowledge, and Ambroise would not forget how valuable Hank Masons could be. Ambroise needed someone just like Hank. Of course it would be useful to have someone who kept Carthian records for many months. But that was beside the point. Things were changing, everything was changing, and Hank knew which way the wind was blowing. With Gerald gone and Lindra confused, there was little the Carthians could do for Hank even if they did remember how much he’d done for them.

So now he works for Baron Ambroise. And generally he likes it. He enjoys the generous compensation. He appreciates Baron Ambroise’s frequent compliments. And he tries not to think about what he’s forsaken…

Before the Fall of Gerald

Works for the Carthians but rarely around. Not social.
Generally they call him in when they need a neutral witness for disputes, a sharp eye and pair of ears to record proceedings, for advice in legal work, or some minor favors in law enforcement. He still maintains some infrequent contact with old friends in the force who have now become seasoned officers.

Hank Masons

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