Rowana Arina O'ren

Gangrel of the Dead Wolves bloodline


Character Portrait by Maciej Kuciara

Character: Rowana Arina O’ren
Age: 29(seems her age)
Birthday: Feb 4, 1980 / Aquarius
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Dead Wolves
Sire: Octavio Equiano
Covenant: Carthian
Coterie: Black Doves

Virtue: Hope “Protector of Humanity”
Vice: Wrath

Past: Rowana was once haunted by the spirit of a 24 year old man who she accidentally killed while feeding on him. He was not happy about dying. She was constantly reminded of his presence, while he behaved like a common poltergeist. He has since moved on.

Present: Animalistic (Gangrel): gold, wolf eyes; Blood Addiction (Kindred); mild narcissism (after diablerizing a Brood member)

Personality Characteristics:
Bitchy, imaginative, resourceful, versatile, persuasive, sense of humor, mischievous, sly, restless, sometimes ill-mannered, somewhat eccentric, non-materialistic and a staunch upholder of the rights of the underdog.

To slay all evil vampires with her werewolf allies. But to maintain good favor, she serves as a liaison between werewolves and vampires.

Feeding Habits:
No dogs.

Intelligence 2
Wits 2
Resolve 3
Strength 4
Dex 2
Stamina 3
Presence 2
Manipulation 2
Composure 4

Investigation 1
Occult 3 (werewolves 1)
Politics 2
Athletics 2
Brawl (Grappling +1) 5
Firearms (Gun +1) 2
Drive 1
Stealth 2
Survival (
1 during full moon) 2
Weaponry 1
Animal Ken 3
Empathy (Personalities 1) 3
Expression 1
Intimidation (
1 during full moon) 2
Persuasion 2
Socialize 1
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 1

Animalism 4
Protean 4
Resilience 3
Sublunario 3
Auspex 1

Rhino’s Hide
Truth of Gaia

Guns 2
Allies (Werewolves) 5
Knowledge (Werewolves) 1
Language (Spanish) 1
City Status 2

Health: 9
Will: 7
Blood Potency: 3
Vitae: 11
Humanity: 6
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 2/2
Initiative Mod: 6
Armor: 1 (+ Rhino)

Bloodline ability: Affected by full moon “Warrior” phase. Adds to Intimidation and Survival rolls.

Gear & Equipment:
2 Pistols
AK47 w/ 6 clips


“There was a time when I believed
that stars fell from the sky. Now I know
they just fall.”

His name was Octavio. Growing up in silicone valley, I never thought true love was possible. It seemed as fake as the palm trees that crowded the front lawn of my rented condo. I moved here from Havasu, AZ with my part-time boyfriend. He seemed more interested in the plastic enhanced cheerleaders. So I moved into my own place. I don’t even think he realized I was gone.

It was then I met Octavio at the Blue Lagoon, a biker bar on the corner of 6th and Jericho. I’ve never been much of a biker chick, but I needed a change of atmosphere, something edgy. I remember the music was loud and the beer tasted like piss, but most of all I remember Octavio. He wasn’ t Don Juan, but there was something about his eyes that made me feel gourmet, and I liked it. He was playing pool with a few of his buddies. They seemed to be betting on who would approach me. Octavio didn’t even give them the satisfaction. Next thing I knew he was sitting beside me, buying me beer after beer, whispering Spanish in my ear. For seeming so rough on the outside, he was to my surprise, quite cordial. We ended up back at his place that night. He asked me about my work and my family. He said I was a rare find. We fuck like wild, unabashed animals. Then he bites me. I feel my life in his teeth, sensuous, horrific. I realize I’m dying. He holds on tighter. I wake up the next night, feeling like I’m fucking dead and ravenously hungry, for blood.

Two years later, I’m in Philadelphia. Octavio is dead. The fucking bastard got himself killed. Damn, I wouldn’t be so pissed at him if I didn’t fall for him. I just got into town. I have a few names that could be useful to me, though werewolves and vampires never seem to mix well. I don’t know what to expect in this city.

Her past:
As a girl, Rowana was quiet and quirky. Though not incredibly bookish, she liked reading comics. X-Men was one of her favorite series. She spent most of her time daydreaming. Her family life was strained. Her father was long gone from her life, and being raised by a harried mother and older sister who cared less for her she learned to do things on her own. During her teen years, she fell into step with the rougher crowd. She tended to skip school and hang out in abandoned lots with her “friends” drinking and getting high. Lake Havasu was not a city she even tried to fit into. She enjoyed listening to early Ani DiFranco, Sleater Kinney, Poe, etc. She tried playing guitar for a while, but wasn’t very good. So she gave up on the dream of becoming a rock star and started focusing on something she did fairly well, working with animals. She started volunteering her time at one of the local animal shelters. She especially loved working with dogs. After graduation, she started pursuing an Associates degree at one of the local community colleges and worked part time as an animal rescue agent. She started living with her boyfriend Freddy, who was a great lay, but really didn’t care for her. Despite that, he convinced her to move with him to Silicone Valley, where he landed a job as an electrical engineer. She continued to work as an animal rescue agent and eventually became certified as a park ranger.

After the Embrace:
Rowana has family still living in Lake Havasu, but they aren’t at all close. Her sister died while in childbirth a few years back, leaving her a-hole brother-in-law to wallop in his self-abusing misery. Her mother has been in a home since, suffering from a progressive form of dementia. She assumed visiting her mother while being a vampire was not the brightest of ideas. The last postcard she sent was from Mexico City two years ago. No one has tried to contact her since. She didn’t have many friends, but that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t stalk her down if they were really determined.

Kindred Society:
The local Prince wasn’t pleased when he found out Octavio had embraced Rowana. They were on the run for a few years. Most of that time was spent living in the wilds of Mexico. Eventually the Prince’s underlings caught up with the two of them and slaughtered Octavio in front of her. By dumb luck, she escaped. She had caught wind in her travels that Philadelphia is a thriving city for nightlife and may have need for a diplomat between the warring vampire and werewolf factions.
Rowana’s experience with werewolves had been through Octavio. He was close to some of the more friendly bands near the borders of the US and Mexico. He taught her what she knows, though three years doesn’t make her a werewolf expert in any sense.

Rowana Arina O'ren

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