Philadelphia By Night

Party at the Swanky Kitten - Meoooww!
Session 46

Some of the Doves have been awake all night. In the back of the basement Sand works at Solaina’s flesh with his macabre skill. Grant flexes his fist repeatedly, staring at the black veins which remain despite hours of effort to heal. Just before dawn, the remaining Doves awaken and prepare for the plan to stop the ritual summoning of a succubus demon at the Swanky Kitten…

The evening began with members having their bodies sculpted by Sand then took some time to fill their blood lusts prior to venturing out for an evening of disruption.
…DT, newly sculpted as Marshal
…Rowana, with somewhat ill-formed clothing, as Sunny
…Tyler, oddly comfortable in the skin of Tobias
…Elijah, fittingly as Christianus
…Solaina, ironically, as the pock-marked Jacob

Let Slip the Dogs of War
Session 45

Deep Throat’s Twilight Projection flew back to the spot where his body had been only to find it missing and a note which said: We are attacking the Aquarium where the Brood and Sabbat are meeting. I took your body with me so you better catch up. — Solaina.

Fortunately her car had not gotten far. Deep Throat reentered his body and sat upright in the seat. “Good,” Solaina said. “I was beginning to wonder what to do if you did not wake up soon.”

The Crow vs. the Dove
Session 44

“For surely it is better to rule in the darkness than to humble myself falsely in the light.” – Christianus, in conversation with Elijah

- Elijah goes for a walk outside Elysium and finds the streets outside University of Pennsylvania Hospital and the Children’s Ward in chaos: masked and costumed kindred run through the streets (not the sidewalks) with patients on hospital beds. Car accidents, screaming, sirens – Sabbat fun.
- Elijah confronts Christianus
- Black Doves convene on Elijah and Christianus runs after telepathically leaving Elijah with some things to think about
- Black Doves confront Elijah about his suspicious behavior; Elijah slips away at a stop light under Obfuscate.
- Black Doves split up. Tyler tries his gangrel contacts, Rowana turns to her werewolf contacts, Deep Throat prepares to investigate the Aquarium this night, Elijah secretly meets Christianus.

Gunpowder for the House of Lords
Session 43

“What are your intentions John Johnson?”
“To blow you Scotch beggars back to your native mountains.”
- At the interrogation of Guy Fawkes, London, England, 1606.

Rowana drives in with a stranger at her back along with info from Deno the Snake about the Sabbat and the Brood. She has a sleek new bike that Tyler stole for her in Chicago, though she knows she’ll trash that now that she’s back in Philly. When she pulled into a supermarket parking lot, Joshua the Small Bright Star hugged her goodbye, and she realized that how little connection she’d had in the past two years. When she had lost her haunting ghost, it was as if the ghost of humanity had been lifted from her. The wolves of Chicago saw that, even if her closest friends hadn’t been able to figure out what was raging inside Rowana so deeply. Joshua whispered, “There is time Rowana, plenty of time to be whoever you want to be. Vampire or not, you are immortal.”

And with that she peeled away, feeling quite the opposite. She and her coterie only had a few days before Halloween. She didn’t know about the Brood’s planned Halloween party for the Swanky Kitten, but she knew about the gathering of Sabbat at the Aquarium. And after Deno was through describing the members of Camden Brood, and the few Sabbat he knew, she had enough to know that she had to gather the coterie in no time or the city would be in total chaos.

Jose Chung's From Outer Space
Session 42

“Well if they freed me from this prison …Then I’d let that lonesome whistle blow my blues away”

It was two days later, when the Doves received an abrupt phone call. They would be attacking the Gattaca Facility through a side gutter. The Doves scrambled, but Rowana was still on her way back from Chicago, taking her sweet time. Grant gave her an earful on the phone. Sand was missing, and Sol Ina was trapped in Ordo Dracul business as a newcomer of the city, but they did get a hold of Elijah.

Fulsome Blues
Session 41

“I hear that train a comin’ it’s rollin’ round the bend But I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when”

Tyler, Deep Throat, and Grant regroup and call the others. Rowana is still in Chicago, and the others are recovering and laying low. It falls to the three remaining Doves to investigate these bodysnatchers. They decide they won’t take this lying down and go Hibb’s Roadhouse, Jack Fulsome’s bar of werewolves. “I’ve got a little present that might let us in,” Grant says, holding up a collar he’d snatched. “That ought to get our foot in the door if nothing else.”

Who Let the Dogs Out, Part II
Session 40 - For Who Let the Dogs Out, Part I, see Session 8

“Welcome to where time stands still / No one leaves and no one (ever) will” – Metallica
Marcos Ramos shows Tyler inside Deep Throat’s Germantown home. Tyler notes the carefully placed art, the vases, the appearance of a normal home. He also notes the improved security, the cameras set inside of photographs, and the reinforced doors. Ramos’ efforts with Deep Throat were paying off. The haven conveyed a sense of comfort and safety. Inside the basement parlor he saw Grant, Sola Ina, Elijah, and of course Deep Throat. They’d only just returned from Chicago last night. What was this about?

Sympathy for the Devil
Session 39

The next night Deep Throat struck his deal. They were determined to put Ellsworth to rest, and to find the other half of this folio and leave Chicago. Its webs seemed no more dangerous and complicated that Philadelphia’s. And at least there they knew who they were dealing with. Vampires and werewolves were one thing. Even Brood or the occasional spirit were reasonable. But ghosts who lived in the very city itself were another thing entirely.

Look Long Enough into the Abyss, and the Abyss Stares Back"
Session 38

As they discussed their plans at the safe house, though, the coterie noticed a strange thing in a mirror. They saw Elijah’s reflection, and clear as day, and it stared back at the coterie. It begged to be free – to feed, to live. It cursed Elijah behind his back. He explained that occasionally a Mekhet was gifted or cursed to have a split soul, or perhaps a more defined soul, which took on a life inside the world beside our own. It lived in the shadow world and waited to twist occasions to its advantage. Its motives were unknown though, except that they never seemed to be his own. Instead it worked to ruin all he created.

At the start of the new night, the coterie awakens regrouped and ready to act. They wouldn’t be scared off by some apparitions, a collection of stubborn traffic lights, and an accidental fire. Tyler, Deep Throat, and Elijah break into The First National Bank in which Ellsworth kept his folio apparently. Elijah and Deep Throat shared the combination information and Deep Throat investigated the building as an apparition of his own, in Twilight Projection. When he returned he took them inside. Elijah stepped in quietly behind and took out the cameras, thankful, for once, for his Mekhet hollow soul. Tyler slipped through the vault doors in mist form and found the lockbox with little trouble, especially with the judicious use of Auspex. He tried the combination and pulled out the folio, along with some legal documents – a will, a few last letters, etc. They left, but not before Elijah was rattled by the almost sentient hum of the computers, a growing shadow, and the lights of the computers which seemed to stare hungrily at him. He kept this too himself until they left, though, and so they left without incident, except that the alarm went off when they left. Oh well, it was almost a completely clean operation. By the time anybody would make it to the bank, they’d be long gone.

Hotel California
Session 37

The coterie arrived on the scene of the fire and found Simon Ellsworth’s townhouse building ablaze. Sand moved through them, obfuscated and listening to their hushed comments. Apparently somebody had seen the nurse leave not long before the fire. After the firemen left, and only a few police officers remained to tape the area up, Elijah and Deep Throat investigated the ruins. They tracked the fire to the gas stove which had been left on. Elijah pointed out how he’d seen someone lighting the fire but he couldn’t determine who exactly. It felt emotionless.

He then noticed a figure in an adjacent alleyway who appeared to be watching them suspiciously. Unable to pursue quickly enough, Elijah ran after Deep Throat who sprinted ahead with supernatural Celerity. The two of them raced behind the hooded figure, following him to a wire-link fence. The figure scrambled up, but not before Elijah reached for him and pulled his hood down, revealing a scarred face which appeared barely human- almost plaster. When the figure dropped down on the other side, Elijah deftly reached through the links with a thumb and a finger and grabbed the figure’s shirt. The figure pulled away and dashed into the darkness, but not before leaving Elijah with a scrap of his shirt.

Deep Throat and Elijah examined the scrap and agreed that it seemed to have some leftover magic residue. It would seem they dealt with someone who knew the secrets of making constructs.

When they returned to the coterie, they found Rowana missing. At that moment they all received a mysterious text message, “I see Simon Ellsworth. The bank.” They drove quickly to the bank. It turned out she had seem some sort of apparition inside the building, but not the actual living breathing Simon Ellsworth. In either case he was gone and it was late. They decided to drive to the Ordo Dracul safehouse, Gilly’s House, a motel with a revolving door for late-night customers. But before they reached their titillating haven they noticed the street lights seemed to harry them. First one red light. It lasted 2 minutes. Then another red light. Another 2-3 minutes. Then two red lights – one for them, and one for the cross traffic. They drove quickly to the freeway, where no streetlights would disturb them – wondering who or what it was that followed their steps. Was it Ellsworth? But how, and why would he obstruct their travel when they were helping him…sort of…or at least they weren’t the ones to kill him. Or had they stumbled into some mage plot? If so, that was especially bad news. Rowana theorized that perhaps werewolves were involved, since they could control technology through the spirits of the city and more minor spirits of energy and technology. Whoever it was, it was best to get to the bottom of this quickly, before they found themselves unable to leave Chicago ever.


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