Philadelphia By Night

Chicago Workings
Session 36


Rowana bent over the brood woman and sniffed hungrily. Her blood spilled on the pavement richly from her broken body. No one was around. Here was her chance. Like a feral animal, she glanced to her left and her right and saw no one still, and after that last pause she finally gave into her rage. Hunted no more. Patient no more. She let the slip of humanity fall and drank deeply, and as she did she tasted the last of the Brood’s blood until she drank of something altogether different. Sweet and bitter memories. Age and power. New secrets, just hints, but if she searched deeply enough, pulled hard enough, she knew she could suck the very secrets of the Brood from the Brood.

Wayward Lambs
Session 35

Lost Highway
They drove away from the Donegal gas station smelling of gas and fire. Stuffed inside the rabbit, they felt their fangs itching to extend. Tyler brought up the rear with Elijah. The dark of the highway was a welcome peaceful respite –with its monotonous rows of trees, its cold wind, the continuous loops. It gave them some time to think. They heard the news of the stretch of carnage the Brood had left behind them. Apparently it was inevitable that they would bump into each other, especially since there were few gas stations open at 2am halfway between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Toward dawn they reached Pittsurgh – or almost reached it. There was a road block and three squad cars were checking cars going both ways, paying special attention to westbound cars. They pulled over to discuss their plan and eventually agreed to trust in Deep Throat’s Cloak of Night to hide them from sight and trust in Ramos’s ability to lie his way past the officers. He would be aided by Sand’s unsettling ability to craft flesh. They watched in horror and Sand pulled at his bone and skin and fat to remake him in the likeness of Jeremy Pitts- poor gas station clerk, owner of a rabbit, survivor of violent biker attack.

Black Doves Flock
34th Session


urban dictionary definition: flock of doves

Doves at the Falcon’s Perch

After exchanging greetings with the always poised Cordoan Sand followed Deep Throat into the conference room where they met with Sophe Peregrin. Rowana and a bruised and battered Grant were both already present as was a fourth kindred neither had met before. When Tyler joined the meeting a few minutes later it was the first time the five Black Doves had been in the same room in as many months. Only Olivetti was missing and that was largely considered a fortunate by the coterie.

Interlude - Birth of the Baronies
How the City Shattered Into a Million Little Pieces

The fall of Gerald signaled a new chronicle in Philadelphia’s history. He thought that he could hold it together with the strength of his vision, with the sincerity in his purpose, and with his political craft. After all, he was an accomplished Invictus, had walked the world for hundreds of years, and if that wasn’t enough he had many many secret cards. He had Latokrates, and with the Mekhet lay almost a thousand years of wisdom. He had loyalty – Sophe’s commitment from the other side of the Carthian fence, Ignatio’s unparalleled knowledge of the other supernaturals, Lindra’s soft-heart for her sire, William Blake’s expertise in the secrets of Philadelphia. Even when Marcus, his trusted childe, showed the signs of betrayal, Gerald worked around him with his already established network…his secret roundtable.

Of course few knew that Gerald had such a fully-formed vision for kindred to embrace their humanity in some semblance of balance, democracy, and unity. Few knew that he would have seen their solitary lives comforted and enlightened by a shared community: his Camelot.

But it was doomed from the start it seems. European Invictus harbored skepticism for his soft model of inclusion and tolerance. They planted Meir, though a devout Lancea Sanctum member, was also an agent for Europe’s central Invictus. Commissioner Welles and Baron Ambroise worked to form an Inner Circle to quietly subvert Gerald’s network. In the hearts of Crone kindred sat and festered dark fascinations: The Twilight of the Gods, which worked to see the end of Gods and the birth of an age of alien gods. And three ancient kindred, the Methuselahs of House Machten, converged on Philadelphia like carrion birds. The Brood violently pushed on Atlantic City first, and then on through Camden, more organized than they have ever been on North America. It seemed clear the heavens conspired to undo all of Gerald’s work. And in the final nights of winter, under record-breaking snows, it seemed like everything did indeed fall apart…

Innocent and still hopeful kindred died or disappeared like Annabelle, like Therese, Joshua Stark, like Gerald. And with his fall, the thin thread that held it all together snapped. Carthians bared their fangs at Sophe and Lindra who seemed to support the current monarchy. And Invictus pointed to the descending devils, the Brood, as evidence of the dangers of catering to the Circle and the Carthians. The Philadelphia Crone entirely fell apart, with most its members dead, in torpor, and Mother Farka missing. The Lancea Sanctum found that Meir was suddenly missing in the bloody aftermath of Brood attacks and split in two for lack of leadership. And so Camelot shattered into a million little pieces.

Timeline of the First Chronicle

Events in Philadelphia from March 2009 to February 2010

March 2009

3/7 A coterie is born
3/8 The Wilson children are found, lost and aided in escape
3/9 The coterie battles a monstrous sea kindred
3/23 The coterie explores Byberry Asylum
3/30 The coterie meets peacefully with the Brood
3/31 The coterie rescues a faerie and releases a monster

April 2009

4/26 Grant Ellison returns to Philadelphia
4/30 Sponsored by Prince Gerald, Olivetti joins Invictus

May 2009

5/2 Isandro joins the Ordo Dracul

June 2009

6/23 The coterie prevents a Masquerade breach at a local cineplex
6/27 The coterie tangle with lupines and bind the Nixi into new homes freeing the possessed

July 2009

7/19 A ban on Gangrel entering the city is proposed at the monthly Elysium gathering
7/30 The coterie delivers a message to the fae queen of the Winter Court
7/31 The coterie visits the bizarre Goblin Market and destroys a fetch

September 2009

9/25 The coterie invades a medical chop shop and retrieve the remains of a young lupine
9/27 The coterie avoids a massacre and makes off with the prize and Prince Gerald intervenes

October 2009

10/12 Deep Throat’s investigations turn up Brood at the Oracle
10/14 The coterie attends an exclusive party and leaves with some of the furnishings
10/29 A masquerade breach is cleaned and Meir is implicated
10/30 Hunters stalk the coterie’s havens

November 2009

11/2 The coterie kills the imposter HM Regina
11/13 Sand murders the Harrington monster
11/15 The monthly Elysium at Falcons Perch is interrupted by news of the fall of Atlantic City
11/18 The Black Doves enter Atlantic City blazing
11/19 The Black Doves assassinate Mr. Blackwell and free his insectoid ‘assistant’
11/19 The coterie throws grenades into a Sabbat gathering and rescues an imposter Prince

December 2009

12/05 Olivetti goes missing. He fails to answer his phone.
12/27 Grant disappears from the city. His number has been disconnected.

January 2010

01/12 Sand attends the Twelfth Night
01/18 Rowana participates in the Great Hunt on the fomori of Phildelphia with her werewolf pack

February 2010

02/03 Bergstrom visits Rowana with an offer but she refuses
02/04 Tyler hears Acheti’s prophetic murmurings, Deep Throat is warned by Blake, Sand is freed
02/05 Olivetti surfaces with no memory of the last two months
02/06 Black Doves kill three kindred of the Twilight of the Gods and capture a fourth. Sand diablerizes Keyon Appel. Grant is captured by hunters and then rescued by the coterie.
02/07 The coterie battles My Nightmare and loses Annabelle to it
02/08 The coterie destroys My Nightmare but too late to save Annabelle
02/10 Prince Gerald is secretly assassinated by My Beloved. Philadelphia’s kindred gather for a trial. The Seneschal Marcus Revelle is sentenced to death and executed. Prince Gerald is deposed but spared, sentenced to exile.
02/13 An alliance of werewolves and the Black Doves interrupt a dark summoning killing nearly all of the Twilight of the Gods and sealing the Byberry breach.

This brought the first Philadelphia by Night campaign to an end


It wasn’t until the next evening that the coterie found out that Prince Gerald had been executed before the trial had even begun. My Beloved had returned to the city in secret, sent for by Commissioner Welles when she discovered My Nightmare’s death. With My Nightmare’s death, William Blake and Prince Gerald’s guard was down, and the rats returned to a somewhat slackened guard and watch. My Beloved, who knew those sewers well in her time in Philadelphia, used this to find them during the day, and in the first moments, just after sunset, attacked and killed Gerald. The court’s sentence would have made the assassination legitimate, but given the lenient ruling that the Black Doves won, questions now remain. Still, many will assume he has gone to exile, despite William Blake’s claims that he was murdered. Who was left with the political and social power to argue the timing and to what gain?

The Final Show
33rd Session


The kindred of Philadelphia gather at a large manor on the outskirts of the city. Few know the actual location, but instead follow the instructions on the invitation to an empty lot where elegant black carriages await. With snow on the ground, the black carriages rolled one by one down the street to the Rose Garden Estate- Luchesi’s estate. Guards with dogs swept the rose gardens outside. Sand attends the event disguised as the Crone vampire Marquise. The plan fails and as the other members of the Black Doves mingle Sand is roughly taken aside and interrogated by Fiona who can tell something is seriously wrong.

Nightmares End
32nd Session

Bad Blood Rising

On the ride to My Nightmare’s crypt Sand suggested they form a battle plan of sorts and began to offer his ideas. He doesn’t get far before he is interrupted by a blow to the face from Tyler’s fist as he yells “What the hell has gotten into you?!”
Shocked Sand takes the punch squarely on the jaw with something between a snarl and a smile.
“You sent me and people who trusted me into harm’s way with bad information.” Tyler decked Sand again.
Even more surprised this time Sand was hit with the second punch. His lip curled and fangs slid out.

Nightmares Afire
31st Session

Failing to resist the weight of the sun Sand dropped into the deathlike daysleep guarded by Rowana, Deep Throat, and Tyler in the bolt-hole Ramos had secured for the day. In his dreams he was greeted by the infamous newly awoken My Nightmare. She told him she had visited Olivetti the prior day in his wound induced torpor. My Nightmare demanded the location of Prince Gerald’s haven and threatened to cull through the ranks of the Carthians and the Black Doves’ allies until someone gives it up.

Hunted by the Past
30th Session

After picking up the now-awakened Olivetti from William Blake’s haven, the coterie heads to the north trainyards to rescue Grant. They park several blocks from the trainyards. Deep Throat goes into Twilight Projection and his ghost body flies above the trainyard, trying to locate a van fitting the description that his FBI informants gave. He spots it and as he swoops down for a closer look, another ghost body in the shape of a young man appears out of nowhere. It hovers over the van as beams of light emanate from its form, burning Deep Throat’s ghost body.


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