Philadelphia By Night

These Are The Days Of Our Unlives
29th Session

Hunkered down in the Olivetti’s basement Deep Throat went to work opening up the lap top stolen from Byberry hours before while Tyler and Sand meditate. With a mix of auspex and computer hacking he dug deeply and pulled together several plans of the Twilight group. About noon Deep Throat was just beginning to brief the other two on his findings when an alarm beeps and a security camera flickers to life showing the werewolf Jack Fulsome and a trio of his pack impatiently pounding on the front door. Buzzed in Jack explained he is here to collect Rowana for a job tonight. With a little violence one of Jack’s pack managed to rouse Rowana who agrees to go with the lupines. The werecrow explained they are planning an assault that night on a grotesque squidlike creature and the oil tanker it came in on. The two groups exchanged information, Jack warily at first, and found they had much they could help each other with. Jack’s told the coterie of a group of sorcerers who may be connected to the unhallowed ground of Byberry. Tyler gave Jack an incinerary grenade for the oil tanker and Deep Throat shared with Jack the info about the squid he found in the laptop. The two groups parted on better terms than they had ever managed. It seemed Rowana’s dangerous and tireless efforts had born fruit.

Return to Byberry
28th Session

Leaving the van armory parked on a side street the coterie approached the old Byberry Asylum’s Machete Hall. Through the falling snow and into the building’s broken out windows they saw a gathering of over a dozen homeless men and women under the apparent direction of a shadowy figure moving deeper inside. Outside and around Machete Hall’s corner the powerful Crone ritualist Kivi appeared to be patrolling. Sand, Deep Throat and Olivetti rounded the corner cloaked with the dark arts of Obfuscation. As Kivi turned towards them his eyes grew wide with alarm and the three rushed in and dropped him to the ground threatening him. Unfazed Kivi met Olivetti’s eye and sent him fleeing.

Piecing the Puzzle
27th Session

Olivetti Surfaces

The next evening a disoriented Olivetti awakens to a phone call from Sand. He is lacking his usual grace and poise and senses within himself something is terribly wrong. Checking with Sand he realizes a full two months have gone by that he has no awareness of. He inventories his belongings and body and finds them in their usual state. He feels no lingering after effects of a nightmarish torpor. Sand’s annoyed urging calls him back from a dizzying, growing panic. “The Prince? Brood invasion? Interdimensional gate? Yes, yes Sand. I will come to meet you at once. I don’t feel altogether safe in my own company at present.”

26th Session

Deep Throat receives a mysterious note asking for a meeting. Coupled with the spreading disappearances he makes a phone call to Rowana to discuss using her as backup. They decide it would be wise to gather the Black Doves and share information. Olivetti is unreachable and Grant is still missing but Tyler answers and agrees to come over. As Deep Throat thinks about the troubling news he has been hearing of Sand and is uncertain whether to invite him to the meeting. When his phone buzzes coming up an unlisted number he knows who it is. Sand’s voice sounds shaky and insistent and he arrives before Tyler.

Winter Storms

For the next two to three months the coterie saw next to nothing of each other. Each occupied with their private agendas the Black Doves appeared to have disbanded. Grant had left town sometime before the New Year’s Extravaganza Annabelle had thrown. The dancer seemed distracted by his absence and grew concerned when even Rowana had not known his whereabouts. Murmurings among the guests suggested it was likely Grant had run off to rejoin the Brood gathered in Atlantic City. The cold, still air of January settled on Philadelphia carpeting it in a complacency as heavy as the snow.

Palla Grande
25th Session

But You Don’t Know the Power of the Dark Side

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Olivetti, Tyler, Rowana and Deep Throat gathered at the hotel room and prepared to meet up with Grant at the Palla Grande. When Grant arrived at Bally’s Atlantic City it was minutes before midnight. Whatever was going on at the Sabbat party was supposed to be nearing its climax. He quickly learned the Palla Grande was being held on the twenty-third floor and had already begun.

Bug Hunt
24th Session

Gambling with the Enemy

That night Grant came back soon after sunset. The coterie talked a little longer. Olivetti reminded them that the deal with the Somali pirates was going down at 8 pm. It was roughly 5 when they awoke. Impatient, Grant went downstairs to pursue his last lead for the moment. He’d seen a kindred in the gambling room a few days ago. Time for some gambling. Downstairs he was not disappointed. Three Hispanic kindred were playing Blackjack. He walked over to join them, laying down two hundred in chips. An ace followed his queen and the dealer slid four hundred in chips to him before continuing around the table. His casual confidence drew the attention of the vampires at the table and the four of them bristled as their beasts pricked to attention sorting out their dominance plays. The biggest of the bunch, a large bald man with gang tattoos slipped out an involuntary whimper and then followed with a just audible growl that was unconvincing. He didn’t meet Grant’s eyes.

You Can Leave Your Friends Behind
23rd Session


At the room Deep Throat drinks the blood he gathered as Rowana looks on thirstily. He says, in surprise, “It’s kindred blood.” She asks him for a packet, “Just one blood bag.” Warily, he tries to dissuade her, but she leans in hungrily, “Just one Deep Throat. Please.” And by chance a blood bag falls from his arms on the table and even seems to slide an inch or two over to Rowana. In a flash she’s grabbed it and ripped it open, careful not to spill any. Deep Throat watched worriedly and Tyler and Olivetti watched thoughtfully from the sides. Rowana looks at the other packets with desire, but she has enough to hold her over until she hunts. Olivetti and Tyler call up room service while Rowana leaves to finish hunting. Grant doesn’t return so Deep Throat studies the schematics.

The Fires of Atlantic City
22nd Session

The Missing Duchess

At the coterie’s next meeting, Deep Throat informs the group that while William Blake discouraged him from going to Atlantic City, The Powers That Be in Philadelphia believe there are several covenant kindred of notability still inside the city. The most important is Duchess Colette Vassar, a renowned Carthian diplomat. It is important that she be escorted out of the city safely. She has two progeny also believed to still be in the city – Reuben Parks and Sylvia Vassar.

What's the World Coming To?
21st Session continued

Grant woke up early to his alarm railing, his dog barking, and the sluggish feeling he (and all kindred) felt when the sun still shined on the world above. Here, in the safe darkness of the basement, he couldn’t see anything until his eyes flipped like a cat’s. This new trick Josh taught me is useful. I’ve been missing out. Much easier to see in the dark. He got right to work on the wooden dagger in preparation for the trip to Atlantic City. A couple hours later, with no success on the dagger and still a little sluggish, he was on his bike while the sun was still midnight blue, not the black of the night. It was a crisp November night.

He called Olivetti, was also getting ready, changing into the suitable clothes for his part as the escort. Tyler and Rowana would be over soon, and Sand and Deep Throat weren’t available yet, which was a pity. They could have used either of them to scope the place out for other kindred operatives. Grant took his place on the platform the ghoul was supposed to get off on. Olivetti showed up a little later, and Grant grimaced at the print out he held. _. The fake name. He suggested, in passing, that they use the other name to put their mark at ease. Tyler moved around the large hall, between the lines for tickets and the information booth, benches of waiting passengers, and round coffee shop tables. Rowana relaxed at a coffee table, trying to ignore a teenage boy in a Metallica shirt oggling her.


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