Philadelphia By Night

21st Session

After hearing of the fall of Atlantic City at the November Elysium the Black Doves spend the next couple nights gathering information. Grant expresses a desire to go into the city as soon as he hears of the Brood invasion and gets a mixed reception from the rest of the coterie. Rowana and Deep Throat are interested, Sand preoccupied with internal struggles tells them they are insane, and Tyler wants to know how to make such a trip profitable.

What’s the Big Idea, It’s Only Murder??!
20th Session

There’s a Twinkle in Everyone’s Eye

It didn’t take long to get the coterie on a conference call. Deep Throat ran them through the basics as he fought back the tension and anxiety of knowing the Spider Queen was on to him. He told them all how he came to spy on H.M. Regina from the cover of Twilight Projection, between worlds. His investigations led him to her apartment in Camden and there he looked further to find her trapdoor between apartments, and then he stepped into her lair- a den full of gray webs, at the center of which was an enormous black spider with thick limbs and hard, slick armor. But when he looked further he saw H.M. Regina’s human torso extending from the spider body, and her cold face slowly turning toward him. The part woman, part spider met eyes with him and he fled in a blur.

19th Session

The Haven Break-ins

Uncertain as to what to do with the Angel of Truth, the coterie contacts Deep Throat’s mentor William Blake and asks if he can have one of his ghouls guard the Angel of Truth until the situation can be sorted out the following evening. Blake agrees and the coterie members return to their respective havens for sleep.

Deep Throat wakes the following evening and is disturbed to find evidence that someone has broken into his home and attempted to tamper with the locked door that leads to the lightproof basement where he sleeps. Touching the door and activating his powers of object reading, he sees an image of the grizzled hunter they saw at the first party the previous evening attempting to penetrate the door.

Deep Throat calls the other members of the coterie. He is only able to get hold of Tyler and Grant. When Deep Throat asks if anyone tried to break into their havens, Tyler reminds him that he sleeps in a Haven of Soil. Grant, however, said the door to his garage looks forced open.

“The same happened to me,” Deep Throat said. “Sit tight. I’ll be over soon.”

Angel wears a Devil's Tail
18th Session

Quick trip to the Market
The clear starry night begins with a trip to the Goblin Market. Olivetti wants to spend his golden goblin coins and Tyler, Deep Throat, Grant, and Sand are eager to join him. The trip isn’t as engaging as their last visit and the four only spend a brief time before leaving. Fey time is a bit loose however and an hour in the goblin market turns out to be three hours lost outside. The coterie exits the market through a dirty alley full of smoke from a garbage can fire burning wet trash. Once free of the fey’s enchantment they find their phones buzzing insistently with stored messages. All from Meir it turns out. He wants to meet with them again. Never a good sign.

There Will Be Hell to Pay
17th Session

Chat with the Inquisition

The following night the coterie reconvened in Olivetti’s Bentley and discussed their next moves while snaking through the city. Deep Throat informed them that Sheriff Meir would like to ask them a few questions about the incident at The Oracle. They agreed to say as little as possible. At Sand’s urging, they also agreed to minimize their calls on the Sheriff from then on. They split up briefly until 9.

The Dark Temptress
16th Session

An Invitation to The Oracle

Deep Throat is hanging out in a bar quietly investigating a series of disappearances that the FBI is interested in. After chatting with the bartender, he spots a business card sitting next to his drink which had not been there just a moment before. It reads—For fantasies come true, bring this card for a one night deal only at The Oracle. The password is lipstick.

Currency of the Damned
15th Session

Dealings in the Dark

After spending the night hunting and planning the coterie meets up with Olivetti at his apartment shortly before dawn. They pile into an unmarked generic service van he has acquired and Olivetti takes over the body of one of his stockbroker herd to serve as driver and guard for the day. Tyler is brought into the job and is even more resistant than Sand or Rowana to working the job for peanuts. The hour before dawn dwindles quickly as the Deep Throat tries to come to acceptable terms with Tyler. The matter is set aside as the sun crests the horizon and Tyler goes to ground. The others lie in body bags in the back of the van. Olivetti in the body of his thrall drives the van to a remote, quiet wooded area and slips inside the dark, windowless van. Earlier in the evening he had been disgusted to learn from Sand that Rowana had reneged on her blood payment for his data. Olivetti did not share Sand’s faith that she would come through with a suitable alternative and had decided to take matters into his own hands. Very carefully and very slowly he unzips Rowana’s body bag and removes a pint of her blood with a syringe. He thinks he hears the distant cry of a predator bird far above him but maybe it’s just the jitters.

Hospital of Horrors
14th Session

A Shade Shady (I Just Wanna Get Paid)

Deep Throat and Olivetti are summoned to Marcus Revelle’s office at the Green Candle. The Seneschal says he has a job offer for the group. A rogue agent believed to be Promethean has stolen a briefcase of valuable material—vials of mage blood and lore. The suitcase of materials originally belonged to a pack of lupines and was to be given to Alexei Tokoff. Now that it has disappeared, all sides are upset. However, the rogue agent now apparently wants to return the material. Allies of the agent, or possibly the agent himself, are scheduled to meet in two days at Ludlow & South Port St. at 7:45 PM to inform Seneschal Revelle’s people when and where the briefcase will be handed over. The coterie is to ensure both the initial meeting and briefcase handoff go smoothly. The coterie is not to look inside the briefcase. The job has echoes of the past for the coterie. They had taken a job for Alexei previously defending his shipping interests. Something in Revelle’s description of ‘the rogue agent’ makes them suspect it may be the twisted sea creature that nearly sent Deep Throat to his final death. (see Blood on the Docks)

Goblin Market
13th Session

Sand greets the dusk hungry for both blood and socializing and calls up Olivetti. The Ventrue tells him about their planned trip to the Goblin market and invites him along informing him of the dress code and telling him to bring something the fae may want to buy. Within two hours the coterie gathers underground waiting for their fae contact. Both Sand and Deep Throat are dressed in bright blue spandex tights and yellow running shoes. The former clueless about his fashion travesty and the later feeling quite at home in the getup. They aren’t waiting long before the Queen’s jester arrives and are taken through a series of trains through a block of apartments into a large courtyard sprawling with bright tents and booths. At first glance everyone here looks human but flashes of wings, horns, and oddly proportioned limbs tease the peripheral vision. After a brief facedown with a pair of pushy guards the coterie relinquishes their obvious weaponry and joins the colorful crowd.

Where Are You Ms. Kadei?
12th Session

Disappointed Expectations

An hour after sundown the party is texted. They are to meet Ignatio at Amada, a topless restaurant near Market Street. The bar is owned by one of Ignatio’s ghouls. He seems more relaxed here that he has ever seemed in front of the group. Perhaps it’s because he’s in his element. They meet in a private room off the main restaurant. Rich tango music is playing in the background. Ignatio offers appetizers glasses of fine pedigree.

“No… umm… no boobies?” Olivetti asks meekly.

“Evidently not,” Ignatio dryly replies as Tyler quietly pockets his pimp roll, “present company excepted, of course. Perhaps my text was garbled in transmission; the vagaries of modern technology and all that. Welcome to my tapas restaurant.”


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