Philadelphia By Night

A Change of Heart
2nd Session

Edee Reveals the Hunter
The next night Deep Throat has an inbox full of messages on his BlackBerry. Most are from Maggie but one is from a kindred who says she has information about the case and claims to be an associate of William Blake’s. After they confirm her credentials with Blake the four meet the hideously ugly Edee Graden at her tech-filled warehouse.

Gathering the Lost Children
1st Session - A Coterie Comes Together

Meeting outside the morgue
Deep Throat and Rowana met for the second time outside the morgue as they’d been instructed. As they discussed the night’s planned event a biker rolled up and sauntered past brushing aside their inquiries with a vague mutter. Deep Throat sharpened his gaze to read the vampire’s aura but learned little, this one preferred to keep his cards close to his chest. With the arrival of Papa LaCroix the trio followed after the biker entering the old building.


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