Philadelphia By Night

Capturing the Nixi
11th Session

Everyone expects the Sanctified Inquisition

It was a trying night for Olivetti. He had been keeping Samantha at his brownstone for further memory alteration. That evening she again suffered possession by some strange force. But instead of attacking others, the violence seemed directed toward herself, leaving her covered with cuts and bruises. After the episode ended, he called Deep Throat. “Samantha’s been possessed again. She was trying to hurt herself this time,” he said.

“I filled Tyler in on what we found at the Sanctus Navitus and he’s researching it at the Chapter House. Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon,” Deep Throat replied. There was a buzz on Olivetti’s intercom. He saw a tall, thin figure with military-perfect posture standing in his doorway—Sheriff Meir. “The Sheriff is here,” Olivetti said.

“Meir?! Pretend that Samantha is your blood doll. It’s easy enough of an excuse,” Deep Throat said. “The Sheriff must not learn about what we’ve been doing.” The buzzer rang again.

Whatever Is Possessing All These Crazy Women?
10th Session

Prelude: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Office

Nursing a fierce thirst after his night in torpor, Olivetti sets off to feed from his growing herd, but has a hard time locating his familiar dinner in its regular haunts, reducing him to chasing strange blood in the form of a spry young asian businessman in a well-cut suit hurrying out the door of the pub and across the square. Olivetti is delighted he’s on foot instead of hopping into a cab or towncar and lengthens the chase to test his skills. However, the nightmare hours of torpor must have taken their toll, for the businessman slips into the crowd, apparently down an alley, and is long gone by the time Olivetti enters the alley.

What Olivetti does find in the alley is a gasping, gurgling, panting sound. Wheeling around to its source, Olivetti finds a disheveled woman crumpled against the dumpster, her peach business suit soiled and cut, holding a broken bottle in one hand and a gun in the other.

"Axe Murderer at Riverview: Disney's Bolt Turns to Horror"
9th Session

Show a Little Respect

Grant and Rowana were stepping over the broken glass of the Six Dogs, a dive bar in Camden, NJ. It seemed like the whole bar lay strewn around the main room, slowly trying to pull themselves up. They walked around the overturned tables, while one man coughed. Another whispered, “That was cold. I … I only wanted a little touch…b bitch.” Grant passed another who shimmied away on his side, holding his broken arm to his chest. It was then that he caught sight of the bartender closing the clamshell cellphone, staring up at Grant like a deer caught in headlights. Grant picked up a shot glass from the table beside him and tossed it at the counter, letting it ricochet into a glass behind the counter and shatter into the floor.

Into Harrington's Den
8th Session

Splitting up at the Estate

The coterie gathered on a sloping hill overlooking the Harrington estate in one of the blinds Ignatio had pointed out to them. Deep Throat and Tyler break out the Auspex to scan the grounds and point out a half-dozen guards. One guard is dangerously nearby patrolling the edge of the well manicured lawn where it meets the wilder forest just below them.

Rumble on the Road
7th Session

A Definite Upgrade

The next night, the coterie gathers in the parking lot of a busy movie theater to strategize their assault on Harrington Estates. The coterie shares updates from the previous night after they split up, and notice Olivetti has acquired transportation – “my one small splurge for a leaving New York gift,” Olivetti says of his charcoal and silver Bentley Arnage T and clamors to ditch Deep Throat’s wagon (still blood-stained and, frankly, smelly from the evening before) in favor of Olivetti’s ride.

“But friends,” Olivetti pleads, “this car… I love and cherish it as I would a wife… and, well…” as he waved vaguely in the direction of the bloodsplattered back seats, “if last night is any indication, you are not exactly gentle on cars or suits!” he finished ruefully.

Hunters and Hunted
6th Session

Olivetti and Minny Dee Cor
Deep Throat, Rowana, Sand and Tyler sat at a table in the club. A row of lushly green potted ferns provided privacy as the melodic notes of Lester Young and Billie Holiday drifted through the night. A pair of ladies wearing scarlet and blue flapper dresses and smoking from cigarette holders walked by, giving the place the feel of a bygone era.

Ignatio and a stranger wearing a conservative three piece suit and a bowler approached the table. “This is Olivetti,” Ignatio said. “He will be working with you on the next assignment. Lacroix is presently unavailable.”

Deeper into Byberry
5th Session

Byberry Asylum: Administration Building

Slipping past the guards once again Deep Throat crossed the courtyard and into the decaying Admin building. After he signals the others the coast is clear Tyler and Rowana follow flipping on their night vision goggles. The interior of the building was dark and moldering but the dust and debris is trampled down in the main hallways hinting at frequent traffic. The most striking feature of the building is a hanged corpse suspended at ground level from the ceiling four floors up in the center of the hall. Deep Throat remarked that Sand is back with the group and the four circled the hanged corpse at a good arm’s length as it swayed irrhythmically defying the room’s natural currents. Unseen voices muttered and whispered frenetic warnings to each of them but Rowana was the worst affected. Haunted by personal demons her temper is sorely tested and she barks out angry outbursts to the empty air. It soon becomes impossible for the others to tell when she is speaking to them or wrapped in her own insane world. When the coterie moves on in search of the upper floors Sand takes up just behind Rowana keeping a wary eye on her movements and reactions.

Exploring Byberry
4th Session continued

Shortly after dusk the coterie gathered together behind Falcon Perch as planned and went over in some detail their simple map of the old psychiatric hospital. After some consideration they go with Rowana’s plan to approach from the brambled bushes and enter Machete Hall first.

Three Choices from the Prince
4th Session

Patrons of Elysium
Almost two weeks after the incident at the docks, the Kindred arrive at Elysium, the Falcon Perch, for the monthly Prince’s court. Sophe Peregrin has decorated the gallery in a tasteful and understated manner for the occasion. Sophe Peregrin’s main hall is cast in soft oranges, deep blues, pinks and violets, reminding kindred somewhat of what they can remember of the colors of a sunset, however muted their memories of that are now. The main gallery hall has been cleared of other works and replaced by strange white and black sculptures, most of them human figures. Some look precisely like victims in the thrall of The Kiss, without the vampiric predator. Some look like marbleized dancers, frozen in time, on the edge of reaching toward you, or pleading for something, or on the verge of some particularly graceful move. But they are have been captured in the marble form before being able to achieve their desire. The paintings are equally strange or interesting. Some have watery looks with people who radiate colors matching their secret thoughts which can be seen, upon careful inspection, on their faces. Others show various portraits of attractive men and women, all sitting or reclining passively, but showing some form of restraint, as if containing their sexual desires behind a fragile composure. Still others show a body part, alone, or a piece of the body, framed in plain solid colors, but interrupted by violent splashes of color.

Blood on the Docks
3rd Session

A Race and a Housecleaning
After waking from his Haven of Soil, Tyler encounters Hektor, a Kindred with a rough, biker dude look and a cool scoot. He challenges Tyler to a motorcycle race. The two Gangrel take off down Spring Garden Street, weaving in and out of traffic. They are neck and neck when a semi pulls in front of them, blocking their path.


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