A Note About Baronies

In the wake of Prince Gerald’s disappearance the old covenant affiliations and clan affiliations gave way to more personal feuds. Wider, more global politics just could not silence the personal conflicts and monstrous vengeance that many felt they needed. Covenant friendships split along the lines of strong personalities instead, kindred who could lead the new Philadelphia kindred to a new vision. Each of the baronies below has a different vision, a different way of life, with its own set of rules. Barons and Baronesses in these domains are essentially princes, but they persistently vie for power amongst each other.

As Philadelphia remains locked in Cold War, other powers eye it hungrily…

The Marble House – Baron Ambroise and his conservative Invictus-dominated domain detailed

The Loyalists – Those that remain loyal to ex-Prince Gerald’s vision, and straddle the line between Invictus and Carthian movements. Held together by Baron William Blake and Baroness Lindra Benadari

The Black Theatre – Barony of Commissioner Welles a comparatively small domain known for its etiquette, professed neutrality, and its disturbing kindred residents.

The Triad – named for the three-way joint leadership between Baron Tokoff, Baroness Izuki Koin, and Baron Bergstrom

The Anarch Collective – Newly under the charismatic leadership of Baron Joao Santos de Silva. Named for its sometimes aggressive, sometimes just radical elements. Known to be well-connected to a sect of Garou.

Reformed Church of the Lance – More moderate faithful of the Lancea Sanctum interested in exploring their faith without the pressure of policing or bringing kindred to justice

Camden – not recognized by any of the others Camden still resists ownership by any one faction. It can be invaded but never held. The Brood rule the night here.

Territory Boundaries


These are factions that hold little land, often confined to a building or small set of buildings and the closely surrounding area (such as that block).

The Bastion – Independent Grand Inquisitor Jin Li leads a small group of The Inquisition, remnants of dangerous and faithful Lancea Sanctum in Philadelphia with a few new recruits

The Black Curtain – located at the intersection of the Barony of Welles and The Marble House. Luchesi proudly proclaims his allegiance is to the city of Philadelphia and not to any one Baron. If true he is in a precarious position and serves at the mercy of the others. Luchesi’s claims are treated dubiously by some, but his macabre restaurant The Black Curtain is the Elysium recognized by the most factions. It is where the business of kindred politicking in Philadelphia gets done, the home to a new breed of harpies. All but the stubborn Anarch Collective (and of course Camden) find reasons to visit, if only begrudgingly.

The Falcon’s Perch – the Elysium of old although, Sophe has little time to attend to it. Located within the lands of the Anarch Collective this Elysium is mainly honored by The Loyalists and The Triad and occasionally visited by others when the need is great.

Ordo Dracul – The Ordo still functions as a covenant, although several of the less martial members have evacuated. Rumors speak of mysterious preparations in case the Brood try to expand out of Camden.


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