Character Creation

Bonus Experience Points Available

1) up to 10 experience points for a background or write-up

2) up to 10 experience points for a questionnaire explaining present-day routines, allies, places your character frequents, ‘hunting’ habits, etc.

3) up to 5 experience points for a miniature representing your character

4) up to 5 experience points for a character image

5) additional write-ups may earn you 1-2 experience points

6) do not feel restricted to flaws or merits presented in the core books. Propose any additional ideas.

7) You may lower Humanity 1 point and receive 5 points of experience

8) 2 experience points for posting your whole character sheet on this website

Merit Costs

NEW merit cost. graduated merits (merits that give you an ability with each level) cost the same as they say in the book: 2 times the rating you are buying, and if you buy a higher level you must pay all intervening levels. All other merits that do not give you a special ability at that level cost the level of the dot you buy. Below is a series of examples which you may or may not have the time to read. :)

graduated example: you decide to spend a lot of experience on boxing, and you buy up to the 3rd level. that costs 12 xp. (2 + 4 + 6)

non-graduated example: you decide to buy striking looks level 2. the cost is 4 pt. (2×2)

non-graduated example: you decide to raise you striking looks to level 4 later, from its original 2. it costs 4 (level 4×2= 8 and subtract the 4 pts. you spent already, totaling 4)

non-graduated example: you buy a mentor merit of 4. cost 8 (4×2) graduated example: you decide that your haven merit will get you separate havens at each level, and you buy it up to level 3 using your starting xp. This character will have a low-level haven, a level 2 haven, and a level 3 haven. This costs 12 xp. (2 + 4 + 6).

non-graduated example: you decide to raise your single haven from a level 3 to a level 4, exchanging it or simply upgrading it. Cost is 2 xp (level 4×2 xp= 8 and subtract level 3×2, for the total of 2)

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Character Creation

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