A “standard” young werewolf:

human near-human Gauru near-wolf wolf
Strength 3 Strength 4 Strength 6 Strength 5 Strength 3
Dexterity 2 Dexterity 3 Dexterity 3 Dexterity 4 Dexterity 4
Stamina 2 Stamina 3 Stamina 4 Stamina 4 Stamina 4
Perception 2 Perception 4 Perception 5 Perception 5 Perception 6
no lunacy observers: +4 Will full lunacy observers: +2 Will NA
Armor: NA Armor: NA Armor: 1 Armor: NA Armor: NA
NA NA Wound penalties ignored; no Unconsciousness rolls NA
NA +2 Health +4 Health +3 Health NA
Size: NA Size: +1 Size: +2 Size: +1 Size: -1
Init: NA Init: NA Init: +1 Init: +2 Init: +2

Special Abilities
Essence: essence is the measure of a werewolves spiritual reserve and connection to spiritual aspects. Essentially, the table for Essence is exactly the same as the blood pool table for vampires. it rises with the rank and spiritual connection of the werewolf. most starting werewolves will have a 10-11 Essence pool. It is regained by looking at the moon, meditating, and occasionally by siphoning the spiritual energy from sources such as spirits.
Primal-Urge: primal urge is the connection to werewolf’s primal self. as Essence did, Primal urge mirrors the blood potency stat for vampires. as it goes up, the werewolf begins to receive negatives for social interactions with mortals because they sense his primal nature underneath the facade of normal mortal behavior. most starting werewolves will have a 1 or 2 in this.
Automatic per turn healing: heal 1 bashing level of damage
Reflexive healing: 1 Essence to heal 1 level of lethal – takes the place of the automatic bashing, does not add to it
Immunity: conventional sickness, infection, disease
Shapeshifting: stamina + survival + primal urge (base stamina) and instant action; exceptional success allows it to be done as reflexive action
Weakness: silver causes aggravated and makes it much more likely to fly into rage
stepping sideways: intelligence + presence + primal urge, success= stepping into spirit world in 30 seconds, exceptional success = instant action, 1 essence point spent = exceptional success. note: reflective surface necessary for this action: a window, a sword blade, a car rim, etc.
Communication: the closer one gets to gauru form the harder it is to communicate and control rage. essentially, but gauru form, most werewolves can only say a few words coherently in human tongues. manipulation suffers severely to reflect this. note: this does not apply to wolf forms, since werewolves can communicate quite effectively as wolves to wolves. this is more a function of the combination of body parts and the brimming rage

Lunacy: A mortals without incredible will suffer from what is commonly called lunacy when they see werewolves changing or they see a part human, part wolf form (including anything but total human and total wolf). The gauru, man-wolf, form creates the strongest reaction in mortals. Lunacy essentially represents the mind’s response to their world-paradigm unhinging and working against the inherited and ancient fear humans have of werewolves- something primal, perhaps genetic, perhaps a supernatural curse, perhaps both.

To determine the effect, no roll is made. Simply determine the mortal’s willpower. Pluses on the chart apply directly to the mortal’s willpower to give him or her a new and improved willpower just for the purposes of responding to Lunacy.

1-2: suicidal, catatonic, no control over actions, revert to animalistic behavior
3-4: average to slightly below average human, all complex actions suffer a -4 penalty, likely to flee in abject terror, likely to rationalize the event afterwards
5-7: actions suffer -3 penalty, attempts to remember event can be made with an intelligence + composure roll -3; can then remember general circumstances
8-9: as above but actions suffer -2 penalty and memory can be clearer, but still suffers -2 penalty for that roll as well <br/) 10: complete control, complete memory

Photographs and film: Lunacy still works to some extent. humans will try to rationalize the event or the film or the photograph. Quick Tip for Lunacy: (From Werewolf Core Book, page 179) storyteller may make a resolve + composure roll for the mortal with the strongest will in a crowd. Success indicates the mortal may somewhat direct the actions of the crowd. If he wants to save himself, the crowd runs for its life. If he turns on the werewolf, the mob may turn against the werewolf.


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