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This campaign is no longer running, but please check out my new campaign, Detroit: Nightmares
Running from March 2010 to Summer of 2012!

Recent Updates: Sessions 53 + 54, many characters updated or changed, and a new Original Devotions pages!

Updates coming shortly: _Even after two years, the story goes on. Sessions 51 – 54 heralded dramatic changes in the Philadelphia political landscape. Next up, Sessions 55-56, the bad guys take off the kiddie gloves! _

Who are the Black Doves?

The Black Doves

Name Clan Covenant Player
Deep Throat Mekhet Invictus – Loyalists Teri
Tyler Gangrel Ordo Dracul Aaron
Rowana Arina O’ren Gangrel Carthian – Anarch Collective Alison
Isandro Nosferatu Ordo Dracul Jeff
Grant Ellison Gangrel Carthian – Anarch Collective Michael
Elijah Mekhet Ordo Dracul Ian


Philadelphia by Night, Black Doves is a set of stories chronicling the events of a coterie of vampires who find themselves pulled ever deeper into Philadelphia’s violent, depraved, and hopeless circles. Whatever friends they choose will ask dear prices of them. Dressed in civilized masks, vampires and other fiends await their decisions with hungry and welcome arms. This is a Philadelphia which has succumbed to its desires, has sold itself to its sins, and offers a ticket for anyone who has yet to see its carnivale of terrors. It remains to be seen whether this newest coterie of vampires will change any of that, or if something different lurks in their hearts. Something more terrible? Something more fragile and tender?


Philadelphia by Night, Black Doves takes place in the World of Darkness, in a setting that runs approximately 6 months to 1 year behind real world events. This setting uses fictionalized versions of actual places and events. You will see references to real places frequently, and many places will also be totally invented. The campaign is presently active, despite the Adventure Log’s apparent lag.

“One never quite loses the conviction that reality is gossamer. Behind its webwork; chaos, madness. The real truth maybe. And the real truth is red.” – Stephen King, Duma Key

Last Year:

At first they squabbled and betrayed each other. They could not decide what to share of themselves and what to keep safely hidden. Cold masters conspired to pull them against each other, to pull one or another off from the small coterie, but stubbornly, they chose to stay together for some incomprehensible reason.

And somewhere along the line these little birds transformed. Were they crows that pecked at carcasses? Were they carrion? Were they harbingers of something more sinister? Were they doves, and as their name implied, would they bring peace? It turned out they were all those things. And more surprising, they survived against all odds. They would not go away. They would not fold under threat or coercion or bribery and in the end they chose to fly Gerald’s banner, a tattered Camelot, but nonetheless, their last best chance at something more than oblivion or servitude.

They were meant to burn in the same purging fire that consumed both Gerald and his progeny. It burned greater beings than the Black Doves, and burned sexier, more loved beings; it consumed elder creatures from beyond, and consumed both kindred and garou warmachines. But when the snows finally stopped falling, leaving quiet cobblestone streets, and cars at standstills, the Black Doves rose again from the ashes. And they returned with renewed purpose. The city might have fractured into many pieces, but their work was not yet done. Perhaps they could make it whole. Or perhaps they’d give it that last kick and shatter it entirely.

The same questions remain, but now they know who their friends are. …Well, mostly, anyway.

Blackbirds cleaned 2

Philadelphia By Night

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