Philadelphia By Night

Hotel California

Session 37

The coterie arrived on the scene of the fire and found Simon Ellsworth’s townhouse building ablaze. Sand moved through them, obfuscated and listening to their hushed comments. Apparently somebody had seen the nurse leave not long before the fire. After the firemen left, and only a few police officers remained to tape the area up, Elijah and Deep Throat investigated the ruins. They tracked the fire to the gas stove which had been left on. Elijah pointed out how he’d seen someone lighting the fire but he couldn’t determine who exactly. It felt emotionless.

He then noticed a figure in an adjacent alleyway who appeared to be watching them suspiciously. Unable to pursue quickly enough, Elijah ran after Deep Throat who sprinted ahead with supernatural Celerity. The two of them raced behind the hooded figure, following him to a wire-link fence. The figure scrambled up, but not before Elijah reached for him and pulled his hood down, revealing a scarred face which appeared barely human- almost plaster. When the figure dropped down on the other side, Elijah deftly reached through the links with a thumb and a finger and grabbed the figure’s shirt. The figure pulled away and dashed into the darkness, but not before leaving Elijah with a scrap of his shirt.

Deep Throat and Elijah examined the scrap and agreed that it seemed to have some leftover magic residue. It would seem they dealt with someone who knew the secrets of making constructs.

When they returned to the coterie, they found Rowana missing. At that moment they all received a mysterious text message, “I see Simon Ellsworth. The bank.” They drove quickly to the bank. It turned out she had seem some sort of apparition inside the building, but not the actual living breathing Simon Ellsworth. In either case he was gone and it was late. They decided to drive to the Ordo Dracul safehouse, Gilly’s House, a motel with a revolving door for late-night customers. But before they reached their titillating haven they noticed the street lights seemed to harry them. First one red light. It lasted 2 minutes. Then another red light. Another 2-3 minutes. Then two red lights – one for them, and one for the cross traffic. They drove quickly to the freeway, where no streetlights would disturb them – wondering who or what it was that followed their steps. Was it Ellsworth? But how, and why would he obstruct their travel when they were helping him…sort of…or at least they weren’t the ones to kill him. Or had they stumbled into some mage plot? If so, that was especially bad news. Rowana theorized that perhaps werewolves were involved, since they could control technology through the spirits of the city and more minor spirits of energy and technology. Whoever it was, it was best to get to the bottom of this quickly, before they found themselves unable to leave Chicago ever.


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