Philadelphia By Night

Look Long Enough into the Abyss, and the Abyss Stares Back"

Session 38

As they discussed their plans at the safe house, though, the coterie noticed a strange thing in a mirror. They saw Elijah’s reflection, and clear as day, and it stared back at the coterie. It begged to be free – to feed, to live. It cursed Elijah behind his back. He explained that occasionally a Mekhet was gifted or cursed to have a split soul, or perhaps a more defined soul, which took on a life inside the world beside our own. It lived in the shadow world and waited to twist occasions to its advantage. Its motives were unknown though, except that they never seemed to be his own. Instead it worked to ruin all he created.

At the start of the new night, the coterie awakens regrouped and ready to act. They wouldn’t be scared off by some apparitions, a collection of stubborn traffic lights, and an accidental fire. Tyler, Deep Throat, and Elijah break into The First National Bank in which Ellsworth kept his folio apparently. Elijah and Deep Throat shared the combination information and Deep Throat investigated the building as an apparition of his own, in Twilight Projection. When he returned he took them inside. Elijah stepped in quietly behind and took out the cameras, thankful, for once, for his Mekhet hollow soul. Tyler slipped through the vault doors in mist form and found the lockbox with little trouble, especially with the judicious use of Auspex. He tried the combination and pulled out the folio, along with some legal documents – a will, a few last letters, etc. They left, but not before Elijah was rattled by the almost sentient hum of the computers, a growing shadow, and the lights of the computers which seemed to stare hungrily at him. He kept this too himself until they left, though, and so they left without incident, except that the alarm went off when they left. Oh well, it was almost a completely clean operation. By the time anybody would make it to the bank, they’d be long gone.

When they inspected the “folio” at the safe house, though, they discovered it was only a diary. The Ordo Dracul scholars poured over it that night until they discovered the folio was actually kept in a vent in the new Cultural Center which stood on the grounds of the old library in which Ellsworth and his rival John Burgess first found the complete manuscript for manipulating Chicago’s energies. The Ordo Dracul scholars read each page hungrily but did not find further secrets to apply the mystical knowledge that had been alluded to.

The following night they went to the Cultural Center. They saw that the center was not empty but this should prove little challenge. Sola Ina distracted everyone with scintillating conversation, with inquiries of the ballet and other cultural events coming up, and her foreign beauty and accent entranced everyone there. While she worked her magic on every passer by, gathering a small crowd in the lobby, Deep Throat and Elijah inspected each vent, Tyler traveled through the vents in darkness – frustrated by the labyrinthine tunnels, and Rowana called her rat friends to her to search the vents for her. Deep Throat found the vent finally and unscrewed the bolts. They left with what they hoped was finally the folio. They were not disappointed.

They returned, once again, to the safe house, and Sand informed them that Ellsworth and Burgess had a deep rivalry that eventually led them to hate one another so badly that the energies of the city responded. Each worked with one half of a complete tome they found in a library. Ellsworth thought he spoke with Angels for a creative and inclusive end. Burgess aimed to achieve greatness by mastering the energy. Eventually Burgess died and was interred on a site with powerful ley line connections. Ellsworth found himself to be the sole survivor of the long feud but never forgave himself- vaguely sensing he was at fault. He abandoned his project and moved to Syracuse, NY until recently. But Sand believed that Burgess’s half of the folio was buried with his remains, and that Burgess found a way to infuse himself into his network of ley lines and nodes- giving himself eternal life of a kind. Now it appears, Ellsworth may want to do the same. His diary, his half of the folio, and his will seemed to describe the instructions to do so in one way or another (the will more subtly of course).

Late that night the coterie agrees to meet the Seneschal, Garrett, and his daeva Keeper of Elysium. There they discuss a new deal in which the coterie earns the privilege to speak with Prince Maxwell directly and negotiate a deal for one of the folios.


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