Lindra Benadari


Sharp eyes, commanding yet understated poise, she is the picture of the feminine Ventrue. She keeps her eye out for opportunity and often chooses to speak directly on matters at hand. She appreciates the same, though this doesn’t mean she doesn’t indulge in more abstract conversations. Lindra has learned that kindred always have agendas, so she tries to play off them as well as she can. She’s young but plays a good game of Danse Macabre.


After Gerald fell Lindra had a lot of thinking to do. She knew revolutions well. She was the brains behind Philadelphia’s Carthian kindred after all, and she knew that when the king is dead the Bolsheviks can turn even more monstrous. The trouble is, where would the monster come from? Would Meir turn into the new Stalin? No, he’s disappeared. Who would take Gerald’s place? Would she? Even she feared such a thing. She’d be the new dictator – A Carthian dictator, but dictator nonetheless. But what was to be done? What she needed was someone she could trust who was moderate, who knew the secret Stalins waiting to take her place, and while she had no fear of stroke like Lenin, kindred had disappeared at alarming rates just prior to Gerald’s disappearance and just after.

She chose to approach Blake, a kindred she once knew from her early days in Philadelphia, just before she chose to abandon Invictus in favor of the Carthian movement. He would help her consolidate power more slowly. He would help her know who to trust and who not. His clan and his covenant would no doubt make some of her Carthian kindred cringe but she had to take that risk. Besides, some of them were too hot anyway. She needed time to think. Time to organize a calm society of kin. And they would pull in anyone loyal to Gerald’s vision…at least Lindra’s interpretation of his vision. They would be the Loyalist Collective.

Character Traits: Sophisticated, Intellectual, Eloquent, Careful, Idealistic, Sensitive

Before Gerald’s Fall:
Very smart and independent minded. While she doesn’t have the presence of Annabelle or Sophe, she does know how to run a good meeting or Dialogue. She’s the Carthian magistrate and judge of disputes because people in the Carthian faction know how committed she is to the cause. She risked a lot when she chose to buck Ventrue and Invictus trend alike and join the Carthians, and it cost her sire a lot of political capital. The Carthians generally recognize that, so when she asks them to go about revolution intelligently, they are more apt to listen.

If there was a mastermind behind the Carthians, she would be it, perhaps sharing that responsibility with the more public, Sophe. Castillo’s her right hand man if she had one in the covenant. They disagree occasionally on strategy, but he backs her publicly and keeps few secrets from her -at least few that would get in the way of her position as magistrate.

Lindra Benadari

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