Alfred Benezri


Composed and confident. Benezri is a tall man with dark skin. His eyes are piercing blue. He has a goatee and short black hair. Alfred wears quality clothes from the Middle East, typically robes made of silk.


Before Gerald’s Fall:

The Black Doves first knew Alfred Benezri as the leader of the Dragonfish Brood pack, but he didn’t fit the stereotypes of Brood very well. He was patient, crafty, calm, persistent, and did not seem to give himself over to worship of any dark gods. His pack was cohesive and effective, though their attempt to spy on the Black Doves was cut short when Deep Throat detected Frere. The battle that ensued almost left Benezri with one fewer member.

Later, it came out in the February trial that Alfred had approached Sand and the two had some sort of longterm relationship. It wasn’t clear whether Sand was pumping him for information on the Brood, whether it was a mutually beneficial relationship built around dialogue, whether Benezri was slowly corrupting Sand, or whether Benezri was never Brood all along but some other sect known as the Sabbat. Few people remember any mention of this last theory, but those who already knew a little about this group disagree on whether The Sabbat is an offshoot of the Brood, or if it uses the Brood, or if the Brood developed from the Sabbat. Few even care about these subtleties.

In short, even though Sand has had many conversations with Benezri, and the Black Doves have encountered him a couple times in passing or in dialogue, no one really knows what his agenda his. He’s worked with the Brood, but he’s also given away crucial information about their attack plans prior to their invasion of Philadelphia.

At present, the Dragonfish pack has moved away from the warehouse they first encountered the Black Doves and Alfred Benezri hasn’t been seen in half a year. Maybe he’s moved on. Or maybe he was killed by Jin Li’s pack.

Leader of the ‘Dragonfish’ Brood pack.

character portrait taken from White Wolf’s Montreal by Night, pg 85

Alfred Benezri

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