Jim Dennison


In one of the assaults on the Brood Jim Dennison became a little too zealous and broke from his coterie on his bike. The Brood had strung a line of wire for him, then gunned him down, then fell upon him with fang and claw. No one knows whether he was diablerized or just ripped apart. Jin Li still blames himself for letting things get so bad in Philadelphia that Brood could be so brazen and prepared. Jim Dennision has become and unwitting martyr for The Bastion.

He stands apart from the crows, not fitting into Ventrue circles or Invictus fully, because of his Carthian gangrel look. At the same time, neither Carthians nor gangrel want much to do with him. He keeps his cool, though, and knows the city well, especially the young mortal socialities who frequent The Rack. This earns him enough respect in the Invictus for them to keep him around. He’s experienced enough to show some craftiness despite his simple demeanor.


A ventrue of a different sort. He owns a bar in center-city Philadelphia in prime Rack territory called Los Gatos Tres. His recent territory dispute is only known by Invictus kindred, but it speaks to the fact that he’s having trouble establishing his own territory and standing.

He’s one of the only remaining kindred who were around during Sarah Haversham’s reign a couple years ago. He remains in the city, but he hardly ever talks to Sarah now. Some suspect he wasn’t entirely fond of her rulership and maybe even had something to do with her fall.

Jim Dennison

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