Deno the Snake

Spy for the Brood


character portrait from White Wolf’s Blood Drive


Recognized by Tyler at the Pallas Grande held by the Brood in Atlantic City. Known in Philadelphia as a Gangrel in good standing.

Meir has been informed.

The Black Doves next encountered him when Grant and Sophe informed the coterie that Deno wished to convert back from the Brood. He said he had valuable information for the Doves, but information that he’d tell once they escorted him to Chicago. There, a Carthian named Bartholemew and an Ordo Dracul named Scratch had agreed to collaborate on keeping him safe and sharing the information he shared.

The coterie had a hellish romp across Pennsylvania escaping Brood which were tracking Deno – his old Brood Pack. They stopped in Pittsburgh where they first met Solaina whose attention they garnered by drawing local police to them. The Pittsburgh Prince sent the Daeva to guide them out of the city, and to help her embark on a new set of experiences in the new world, as much as it pained him to part with his beautiful, foreign dancer and artist.

Later, Rowana returned from Pittsburgh with a wealth of information about Camden’s brood and Sabbat, clarifying their differences and their social organization

Deno the Snake

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