Dillon Jones


Dillon has long black hair and bright blue eyes. Frequently mutters to herself.


Dillon Jones hasn’t been seen since the events in February 2010. There are tales that she was seen during the Brood attacks wandering the streets murmuring about the end times and dark creatures awakening. Brood appeared to leave her alone, as did Garou – but she wasn’t seen afterwards. Some Lancea Sanctum remember her visiting Father Ogesci before she disappeared, so perhaps he knows where she went. When asked about it he’s evasive, though he grieves her absence.

Before the Fall of Gerald

Mostly ignored by most of the others in the Lancea Sanctum. Often seen in the company of Father Ogesci. He has taken her in as her mentor of sorts, while she stay in the city. Until recently she was a wandering mendicant of the LS. For some reason she’s settled in the city for a time, perhaps from weariness.

Some within the Lancea Sanctum say she claims to see visions. A few even say her visions are coming true, but those personal anecdotes aren’t very reliable coming from Lancea Sanctum sources and frequently the circumstances make it difficult or impossible to verify.

Dillon Jones

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