Grant Ellison

Grifter With Devil's Luck


“Let us be furious angels, not dead carcasses! Let us be winged creatures that aspire to reclaim our humanity, our lives! Not dogs! Nor absent souls! Nor weeping monsters, that weep at their reflection!” – Grant Ellison, July Carthian Dialogues

“They would have us forget that we are human too. They would have us forget, so that we become lost. Without memory, we lose ourselves, and they are free to make of us what they will. They believe that because they have not found a way to keep the balance of their hungers and their hearts, that we will also do the same.” – Grant Ellison, July Carthian Dialogues, in response to Viktor Flores who asked why they should try to maintain humanity rather than embrace the power of their existence as so many elders do. Grant then walked off the stage, unconcerned with finishing the debate.


Character Portrait by Dan Luvisi.

Grant generally wears weather beaten jeans and a worn leather coat, and heavy riding boots. Alternately, he may be dressed in a leather biker’s suit. In either case, he’ll have his characteristic red-brown rabbit’s foot dangling from his neck. His eyes match the color of the rabbit’s hair, and his disheveled, brown hair still carry the luster of some distant Native blood. Occasionally he’ll wear the circular tinted glasses of a time when his eyes were beginning to dull. Looking about 30, he’s broad-shouldered and sure-footed with a loose and confident posture.

Flaw: Anarch Heart

Ever since the night of fires, that night he last saw Helena, Grant’s been living life in the moment. It’s as if he died that night and his body hasn’t realized it yet. With his earlier illusions shattered, he has to take each night as it comes, knowing he can’t count on anything. And if he’s already dead, then he might as well enjoy each illusionary moment. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to get that simple freedom. Even his friends look hungry for some blood sometimes – literally. Seems like everyone has a masterplan to get more power, to get their hooks into him, to manipulate or blackmail him, to diminish his life and him just one more pawn. And he’s sick of it. So now, when that elder subtly reads his mind to say exactly what he wants to hear- he’s getting a boot in the face and a 2×4 as a cherry on top. If that werewolf thinks he can sniff him in the face, and force him to run or frenzy- he’s got another thing coming. What happens if he flicks that nose instead. Whatever it takes to be free.

Questions, Questions

Name Grant Ellison Virtue Hope Covenant Carthian Movement
Concept grifter revolutionary Vice Wrath Title Sheriff
Bloodline Bohagande Clan Gangrel Sire Helena

|Strength| |3| |Intelligence| |3| |Presence| |3|
|Dexterity||3| |Wits| |2| |Manipulation| |3|
|Stamina| |3| |Resolve| |3| |Composure| |4|

|Mental| |Physical| |Social|
|Academics| |1| |Athletics| |2||Empathy| |2|
|Crafts| |2 | |Brawl| |5| |Expression| |3|
|Specialty| |vehicle maint.| |Specialty| |Claws|
|Computer| |1 | |Drive| |2| |Intimidation| |2|
|Investigation| |1 | |Firearms| |1| |Persuasion| |3| |Specialty| |seduction|
|Occult| |2| |Stealth| |1| |Socialize| |1|
|Specialty| |Sabbat|
|Politics| |3| |Survival| |1| |Streetwise| |2|
|Specialty| |Kindred|
|Science| |0| |Weaponry| |1| |Subterfuge| |3|

|Protean| |4| |Forms and Specialties| |crow, bat, wolf, concrete|
|Resilience| |4|
|Sunnikuse| |4| |Lvl. 2 – 1 bp; full defense; norm double def. + 4 def| |lvl. 4 – 1 will; successes subtract/ add to roll|
|Celerity| |1|
|Auspex| |1|
|Dominate| |1|
|Devotion| |Rhino Hide| |1 wp; stam. + protean + resilience; successes equal new armor|
|Devotion| |Guardian Angel| |1 bp per night; once per night, auto succeed wits + comp. and init. if in danger|
|Devotion| |Regeneration| |normal 5 bp to regenerate aggravated instantly|
|Devotion| |Quicken Sight| |Allows user to see incredibly fast moving details, i.e. bullet trails|
|Devotion| |Ignore| |instead of usual +2 for resisting Dominate or Majesty with wp, now +6|

|Kung Fu| |4|
|Carthian Status| |4|
|Striking Looks| |4| |+2 for all social rolls in applicable situations|
|Socialized Deviant| |2| |removes the humanity cap for social rolls vs. mortals|
|City Status| |3|
|Languages| |3| |Spanish, Chinese, Sign|
|Carthian Pull| |4| |may be used to add to contacts, allies, herd, haven, resources, etc. 1/month|
|Debate Club| |9 again rule applies for debate, argument, logic based discussion, persuasion|
|Allies| |5| |Chinatown Lion Tong|
|Werewolf Allies| |1|
|Resources| |3|
|Contacts| |3| |Ordo Dracul mortal occult collector, Chinese herbalists & antique dealers, pawn shops|
|Allies| |3| |Sophe Peregrin|
|Haven| |6| |Security: 2, Location: 2, Size: 2|

Flaw Anarch Heart if commanded, clearly manipulated, controlled through authority or discipline roll vs. frenzy
Weaknesses Int. and Wits. 10-again does not apply; 1’s subtract successes Permanent corrupted aura
Health 8 11 with Resilience
Willpower 7
Blood Potency 3
Vitae 12 Generally wakes with 9-10 because of Guardian Angel and norm. nightly expenditure
Humanity - 6
Size - 5
Speed - 11
Armor - 1 to 3
Initiative Mod. - 7

Grant Ellison

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