Isaiah the 10lb. Hammer


Artwork from Vampire: The Requiem Gangrel Handbook page 71.

Over 6 feet tall, pale, bald, with tattoos on his skull. He wears a studded leather boat, half-gloves, biker leathers, and reinforced boots. His perpetual scowl wards off most conversations, but if one has enough courage he opens up about any number of topics such as pounding things, taking what’s rightfully his, being a winner, crushing enemies, his hatred of glittery and peppy things such as cellphones rings, tweets, Japanese anime, etc.


Named after his fists. He comes to Philadelphia because he has heard the eastcoast Carthian Movement in Philadelphia has taken heavy losses taking the fight straight to the Invictus, the Brood, and anyone else who gets in its way. He has come to lend a hand …a very heavy hand.

Isaiah the 10lb. Hammer

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