Joao Santos de Silva


Character bio, description, and artwork as per Vampire: Requiem’s Ancient Mysteries

Unmistakably of Mediterranean descent, he is tall, lean and swarthy. His wardrobe has become a
signature of his eccentricities: fedora hats, impeccably tailored suits, and an affinity for walking with a cane. Indeed, he is acutely aware of his choice of slightly outdated styles.
It provides a distraction from his inhuman demeanor and dulled, lifeless eyes.


Joao is a modern day scoundrel and pirate. Flamboyant, charming and magnetic, it’s easy to imagine
him swinging into view with a saber in hand. As with most aspects of an elder’s unlife, however, this is a complete façade. The years have not been so kind to Joao, and his two visits to the abyssal slumber of torpor served no other purpose, as he would state it, “except to rob me of who I really am.”

Bits and pieces are there. He knows he was a sailor, and he has a couple of treasures that indicate where he came from. Some memories of his nights in the Caribbean are quite vivid, but he feels eternally lost. Almost homeless. His current city is where he sleeps, feeds and keeps his possessions. But, it isn’t home. How can you claim someplace as home if you don’t feel at home in your own body?

Joao Santos de Silva

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