Sophe Peregrin


A sophisticated art connoisseur who prefers to dress in elegant, long dresses and keeps her long hair up. She listens attentively and remembers even brief conversations with accuracy, making people who know her feel valued and interesting. She doesn’t seem to need any disciplines to engender desire or comfort in her social interactions, and rarely seem to rely on such crude methods.


Sophe found herself in a difficult position in the days after Prince Gerald disappeared. Many of her covenant’s younger kindred would follow no other kindred. And she knew and loved them in a way. How could she abandon Schmee and Pink and Rowana and Grant? In addition, she didn’t entirely trust Lindra’s alliance with William Blake. She has never fully admitted publicly, but she saw her role as Keeper of Elysium as a very specific check to Prince Gerald. To ally herself clearly with Lindra would ostracize kindred who didn’t trust Blake’s Invictus leanings. In addition, Sophe doesn’t know William Blake’s agenda really, since he never really had to have one as Gerald’s information expert.

It’s true that Sophe trusted Deep Throat and Tyler well-enough, and Sand clearly cared for Annabelle. But their vision for the city was no doubt very different than her own. And that was OK. Sophe firmly believes in the rule of many voices, in understanding through dialogue, in coming to know the differences between each other so that kindred might discover new beautiful truths about themselves.

So she chose to distance herself from Lindra’s and Blake’s new Loyalist faction. But now she finds herself surrounded by a somewhat more aggressive, almost Anarch collective. At least she can continue the project that her deceased progeny began: dialogue with other supernaturals. Rowana works closely with Sophe and a small number of garou who see some value in keeping communication lines open. Grant’s energy, while inspiring, occasionally differs from her own in that he is willing to aggressively defend their territory. That’s what makes him a good Sheriff for the faction, and without Castillo she needed someone to take that position.

Caught in a mutating city, a fractionalized and distrustful city, having lost her youngest progeny, Sophe endures a lot. Somehow she still puts on a composed face, and welcomes as many people as she can into her Elysium.

Before the Fall of Gerald
As Keeper of the Elysium, the central Elysium known as Falcon Perch is in her care, and she apparently spends many evenings resting there. It is an art gallery with vaulted ceilings and rich furnishings. Upstairs is a long hallway with large rooms for guests.
Although she is Carthian she seems to have sympathies towards the Circle of the Crone.

Sophe Peregrin

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