Tricia Bottoms


Equal part modern day brothel and burlesque manager, cold business negotiator, and sly and sultry.

No expense is spared, no luxury denied. She positively shimmers with jewels, sinks into cushioned seats and plush fur coats and can barely keep herself from smiling in even the most solemn circumstances.

Tricia is happy to share her comforts with potential recruits, but knows that holding back can be just as powerful as opening her arms. She’s a strictly look-but-don’t touch vampire, willing to
make promises that need not be satisfied until her target surrenders completely. She demonstrates the material wish-fulfilling powers of the Invictus without hesitation. She laughs at poverty and hardship, knowing that their complete elimination is just a loyal oath away.


“Come on, love. We’ve got the money, we’ve got the power and we look so damn good having it. Get
with us, and you’re on top of the world. How hard do I really need to sell this?”

Tricia Bottoms

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