Serial motorcycle thief


Character portrait by PE Travers – http://pe-travers.deviantart.com/

Tyler, Scribe of Equilibrium, Dragon Knight (Gangrel/Ordo Dracul) XP: 2 (100)

Intelligence •••
Strength ••
Presence § ••
Wits ••
Dexterity ••
Manipulation § ••
Resolve •••
Stamina ••
Composure •••••

Academics •••
Athletics •
Animal Ken •
Brawl (claws) •••••
Empathy © ••
Crafts ••
Drive (motorcycles) •••
Expression •
Investigation (forensics) ••
Firearms •••
Intimidation ••••
Larceny ••
Persuasion © •
Occult (spirits, brood, ley lines) ••••
Stealth ••
Socialize © •
Politics •
Survival •
Streetwise ••
Science ••
Weaponry •
Subterfuge (detecting lies) ••

©: Capped by humanity rating

Animalism •
Auspex •
Obfuscate •
Protean •••••
Resilience •
Coils of the Dragon
Coil of Blood •
Coil of the Beast •

Merits (social)
Mentor: Kahlil •••••
Allies: Gangrel •••••
Ally: Tara •••
Status (gangrel) •••
Status (Ordo Dracul) •••
Status (Philadelphia) •
Striking Looks ••
Meditative Mind •
Haven (private) •

Latin •
Archaic Romanian •

Iron Stamina •••
Mind of the Devouring Worm •••
Trained Observer •••
Swarm Mind (wasps) ••
Fighting Style: Combat Marksman ••
Shoot First, Tactical Reload
Fighting Style: Evasive Striking •••
Focused Attack, Duck and Weave, Defensive Attack

Health: ••••• ••
Willpower: ••••• •••
Defense: ••
Humanity: •••••
Blood Potency: •

Vitae uses: 1 point = +2 to a physical pool for 1 turn (VtR p158), 1 point to heal 2 bashing, 1 point to heal 1 lethal (VtR p173), spending vitae is always reflexive (VtR, p156)

Misc notes Re derived stats:
Health = Stamina + Size (5) = 7
Willpower = Composure (5) + Resolve (3) = 8
Defense = (2) Lower of Dexterity or Wits
Initiative = Dexterity (2) + Composure (5) + 1d10 ( )
Speed = Strength (2) + Dexterity (2) + 5 + = (9)

Equipment notes

Bike: Durability 2, Size 7, Structure 9, Acceleration 22, Safe Speed 132 (90mph) Max 235 (160), Handling 4-5 (core book, p147)

Misc gear stored in saddlebags on bike
Pry bar
bolt cutters
WP Grenade (taken from muscle-boy)
8 30-round magazines for kalashnakitty (fmj)
3 30-round magazines for kalashnakitty (silver)

Minor Boon: Alexy Tokoff (saved his caviar)
Minor Boon: The Prince (placed some cameras, secret hound)
Moderate Boon: The Prince- stashed lizzie somewhere quiet

Coterie Boon:
Minor boon: Ordo Dracul- gave 3 of the possessed statues to the Ordo
Minor boon: the Prince- for cleaning up the mess related to ‘Lizzie’

$3000 cash
$39,300 in various debit card accounts

People, Places, & Things

How old are you?

Physically, he looks like he’s in his early 20s.

Chronologically, Tyler doesn’t know. When he arose from torpor, he had a Massachusetts driver’s license in his wallet that had been issued in 1940. That’s where he got the name. But when he did some investigating, he found that the license was fake, the kind of thing underage college students use to buy beer.

What was unique about your childhood?

Tyler doesn’t remember his childhood clearly anymore. He has impressions, occasional flashes of deja vu, that kind of thing. He thinks he grew up on a farm. He knows how to use a variety of farm tools, and the kind of firearms farmers use for pest control (‘varmint guns’) and hunting feel very familiar. He remembers working in the sun, and sweating, and the smell of fresh-tilled earth and livestock. But he doesn’t remember any people, or where the farm was.

What kind of person were you?

He doesn’t know. Tyler has yet to encounter anyone who knew him when he was alive, or even from before he went into torpor. He doesn’t have an accent from anywhere in New England, so he’s pretty sure he’s not local.

What was your first brush with the supernatural?

His embrace, which he no longer remembers clearly. However… about five years ago, when searching a farm for a vampire the Sheriff wanted to talk to, Tyler had a severe flash of deja vu. It was when he was approaching the chicken coop next to the barn, shotgun in hand. He suddenly thought “I’m going to get that damn fox this time”, and then blacked out. When he came to, he was cold and wet, and the sheriff was standing over him with a bucket.

How did the embrace change you?

Besides the obvious stuff? Not for the better. Tyler grew up on a farm. He knows where food comes from. He understands that having something to eat sometimes requires you to do unpleasant things, and that the clean, sanitary packages of meat you see in the grocery store were once part of a living creature. He knows the difference between pointless cruelty and things that are brutal but necessary. He also knows that a good farmer is careful about tending the stock, and does not need to kill chickens to get eggs, or slaughter sheep for wool, or butcher cows to get milk. None of this is particularly controversial… the change for the worse is that as a vampire, Tyler has decided that humans to have a lot in common with livestock. He is careful not to kill when he feeds, but it’s not out of compassion or retained empathy. It’s because he thinks of himself as a farmer and of people as his stock, and a farmer who does not take care of his herd does not prosper.

Who was your sire?

Tyler was embraced and abandoned. He hopes his sire was doing the old Gangrel custom of ‘embrace and see if they are strong enough to survive’, and meant to meet him after he’d been a vampire for a while… but his sire never came back. Dunno why. Was his sire destroyed? In Torpor? Or was it not a planned embrace, but an ‘up yours’ to an annoying mortal who had interrupted someone’s feeding? Tyler doesn’t know.

Tyler has noticed that vampires who were embraced recently and remain in familiar surroundings have a lot of trouble adjusting, and he sometimes wonders if his sire was trying to find an easier way- embrace the mortal, beat them into torpor, and leave them until their memory degrades to the point where they don’t remember much about mortal life before reviving them. Things seem to have not gone as planned in Tyler’s case, though.


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