Wesley 'Silver Scrolls'


He’s named, in part, for his knowledge of garou history as well as his silver tongue. While outsiders don’t often see it, he’s the bedrock in the pack. He mediates disputes, consoles Calli when she’s most down, advises Jack when even he won’t listen to sense, and keeps Osian’s curiosity in check. He did his best to counter Alex’s cynicism and rage with peaceful counsel and a dose of idealism. Alex’s death hit him hard though, and he blames himself for being taken out of action too quickly, and so not being at Alex’s side when the Beast from the Unknown grabbed his packmate in its tendrils and ate him in a bloody feast.

Wesley knows a surprising variety of low-level rituals the pack relies on to keep its ties to the spirit world and continue its sense of unity. He often meditates in conversation with the pack’s falcon totem.


seen at far right in picture.

Portrait taken from Werewolf Revised Core Book page 192.

Wesley 'Silver Scrolls'

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